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Saru - Star Trek - Discovery

Saru from Star Trek - Discovery played by Doug Jones.

Saru is a fictional male Kelpien in the Star Trek - Discovery television series who was played on screen by Doug Jones. Saru holds the rank of Commander.

Saru is a Kelpien male who serves aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou whose loyalty is tested in the first episode. The Shenzhou comes face to face with a Klingon spaceship. it is the first such encounter for a hundred years.

Kelpiens are an alien race that was bred to be eaten. Sometime they would break free and no longer just be for food. Their bodies are hairless, there is no point in having hairs on their bodies if their sole purpose is for food.

Six months after the incident that saw Michael Burnham attempt a mutiny, Michael would encounter Saru again onboard the USS Discovery. Saru was the First Officer on the Discovery having been promoted.

Saru is extremely displeased to see Michael Burnham to be a member of the crew especially after the mutiny that Michael had tried to single-handed done on the Shenzhou. He's not afraid to Michael know that.

Saru Facts

Alien RaceKelpien
ActorDoug Jones
Last UpdatedTuesday, April 23, 2019

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