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Scorpius - Farscape

Scorpius from Farscape played by Wayne Pygram.

Scorpius is a fictional male Sebecean in the Farscape television series who was played on screen by Wayne Pygram. Half-Scarran and half-Sebecean, his mother was Sebecean who was forced to make love to the Scarran. Sebeceans can cope with cold but are unable to deal with the heat whilst Scarran are the opposite so Scorpius wears a temperature suit to reconcile the two extremes. He has to have cooling fluids inserted into his head otherwise he will die. Even though he is mixed race, he sees himself aligning with the Peacekeepers as he has extreme hatred of the Scarrans.

Scorpius believes that if he had the ability to create a wormhole weapon, he could bring the Scarran Empire to its knees so he chases after John Crichton.

The first time John Crichton meets Scorpius is when John has to break into the secret Gammak Base (Nerve) where the cure for Aeryn Sun's condition lies. When Scorpius captures Crichton, Scorpius places Crichton in the Aurora Chair to squeeze as much information out about him as possible. Crichton is eventually rescued with the help of PK Tech Girl and Aeryn Sun. During these two parter, Scorpius puts Bialar Crais into the chair and learns that he has killed a fellow peacekeeper which angers Scorpius.

Soon after the events on Gammak Base, Scorpius starts appearing in Crichtons subconsciousness where he gets nicknamed 'Harvey' after the imaginary six foot rabbit in the film of the same name. Crichton tries everything he can to get rid of Harvey but is unsuccessful.

Scorpius is the main peacekeeper who attempts to track down John Crichton. In the end, Crichton and Scorpius agree a truce where Crichton will help the Peacekeepers learn about wormholes. The crew of Moya betray the Peacekeepers and end up blowing up Scorpius vast battle cruiser in order to hide all the information about wormholes.

In the final series, Scorpius has been downgraded in rank with the new leader in charge being Commandant Mele-On Grayza. Grayza appears to have killed Scorpius and buries him in a grave only for him to return with Aeryn Sun in Promises.

Whilst the crew see Scorpius who has sought asylum with the crew of Moya, Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu has no problem with him, she sees him as being innocent. Scorpius is held under lock and key in a cell. Although he can escape at any time he wishes, he stays in his prison cell. Sikozu stays loyal to him and when the crew of Moya travel through a wormhole to Earth, Scorpius is held back on the other side of the wormhole (Terra Firma).

At the end of the series four, Sikozu leaves with Scorpius and when they return in the Peacekeeper Wars, Sikozu's appearance has changed to fit more in line with Scorpius. Scorpius knew all along that Sikozu was a traitor but waited until the fighting had stopped, when she was no longer useful to kill her.

Scorpius Facts

Alien RaceSebecean
ActorWayne Pygram
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