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Scott Lang a.k.a. Ant-Man - The Avengers

Scott Lang from The Avengers played by Paul Rudd.

Scott Lang is a fictional male Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Paul Rudd. Scott Lang was a thief who was caught breaking into Doctor Hank Pym house. Hank Pym susbsequently persuades Scott Lang to break into an office to get the Ant-Man suit.

The Ant-Man suit enables the wearer to shrink and enlarge himself. Whilst small, he strength is stronger because the atoms are pushed closer together. In addition, when he grows, his strength grows too. Ant-man growing only really happens in the second movie.

Scott tries to go straight for his daughter who plays a sizeable role in the second movie. Scott has to prevent a character Ava Starr / Ghost from gaining access to Pym's technology that could help Ava suffering from Molecular Instability.

If the machine helped Ava, it would mean that Hank Pym who had travelled to the Quantum Realm to rescue his wife would be stuck there for the rest of their lives. Ava was only after it to help herself and not to destroy the world which so many antagonists want to do.

Avengers - Infinity Wars / Endgame

When Thanos first attacks Earth, Scott Lang is absent from The Avengers, it is only after Thanos has clicked his fingers and made half the Universe's population disappear that Scott becomes involved.

When Scott was in the Quantum Realm, he was safe from the effects of Thanos clicking his fingers. He was supposed to have been pulled out by Hope van Dyne but she wasn't so lucky. Scott had to find his way out of the Quantum Realm instead. He finally escape five years after the event. To Scott, he was only in the Quantum Realm for five hours.

When he exits the Quantum Realm, he heads to his home and is relieved to see his daughter is one of the lucky ones to have survived.

Scott contacts the Avengers to tell them he can create a time machine to enable them to go back in time for a second chance at stopping Thanos. When the Avengers run the idea past Tony Stark, Tony doesn't like the idea but does eventually come round to it.

The plan works and the time machine is created. Ant-man journeys into the past with Tony Stark however the plan doesn't work as Loki manages to escape stealing the Space stone. With Loki stealing the Space stone, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel further back in time to steal the Space Stone.

Once all the stones have been take out of time and brought to the present, Bruce Banner clicks his fingers and brings them all back. Thanos comes to the present and attacks the Avengers starting a new final fight.

Scott Lang Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorPaul Rudd
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

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