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Seamus Zelazny Harper

Seamus Harper from Andromeda played by Gordon Michael Woolvett.

Seamus Harper is a fictional male Human engineer in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by Gordon Michael Woolvett. His full name is Seamus Zelazny Harper, something he doesn't let people forget about. Seamus's name Zelazny is a nod towards the author Roger Zelazny, an American author who passed away in 1995. Roger is best known for the The Chronicles of Amber, a series of ten books starting with Nine Princes in Amber in 1970 and go on to Prince of Chaos in 1990. He's normally introduced as just Seamus Harper.

Seamus Zelazny Harper is the gadget expert amongst the crew and is credited with building both the Rommie android and later Doyle android. Attempts at trying to romance either of the two androids are rebuffed.

Seamus was first recruited by Rebekah Valentine as part of her crew of the Eureka Maru. When the Eureka Maru team tried to salvage the Ascendant and were defeated, Seamus along with the other members joined the Ascendant.

In The Right Horse, Seamus takes a strong liking to Lyra, a security officer from Veras, a planet. Lyra is a woman about the same height as Seamus with long blonde hair. He manages to get somewhere with her but as they are making love, Beka Valentine interrupts and pulls Seamus away to remonstrate with him.

Later on when Abel Ladrone pulls a gun on Dylan Hunt, Seamus puts his arms round Lyra in a feeble show of protection. The sentiment probably worked. After Lyra returned back to Veras, Seamus tried to communicate with her but attempts all failed.

Seamus Harper's Best Episodes

Fear and Loathing in The Milky Way

Seamus is seen as a bit of a coward compared to that of Tyr Anasazi and where necessary, he will try to use wit or gadgets to help himself. He has been known to put his life on the line for Trance Gemini when he and Trance confronted Nightsider Gerentex.

The Warmth of an Invisible Light

In an alternate reality, The Commonwealth didn't fall, instead it was corrupted by the Abyss. The Nietzscheans did not destroy the Commonwealth. The leader of the Commonwealth is Seamus Harper. The second in command is Telemachus Rhade who would eventually betray the leader and kill him. The Warmth of an Invisible Light

Harper and the Magog

In the third episode of the first series, Seamus reveals that he has a total hatred of the Magog. When he was young he had cousin twins who were infected with the Magog eggs. He had to see them die before the Magog inside them were able to be born. The only Magog he likes is Rev Bem.

At the end of the first series, he and Tyr Anasazi are captured by Magog and taken onboard the Magog Worldship. Once onboard the Worldship, both he and Tyr become infested with Magog eggs. Its deemed too perilous to remove the eggs and the eggs are kept under control by drugs. Whilst on a mission with Tyr Anasazi and Rev Bem, Seamus overdoses on the suppressant and is unable to help resolve the situation that they find themselves in.

In Into The Labyrinth, Seamus falls for Satrina who is a reporter. She agrees to remove the eggs in return that Seamus gives her some information. Satrina gets the information but only removes seven of the eggs leaving six still behind. Seamus tries to use the same phasing technology that Satrina had to remove them but doesn't have any luck.

Seamus Harper's Home Planet

Seamus Harper character is from Boston, Earth. The only time that the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant visit Earth is at the end of the fifth series where they see the planet blow up.

Seamus Harper Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Commonwealth
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorGordon Michael Woolvett

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