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Sheba - Battlestar Galactica

Sheba is a fictional female Kobolian who works for Battlestar Galactica in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Anne Lockhart. Lt. Sheba was introduced in the second half of the original series. Sheba is the lead female Colonial Viper fighter pilot in the series. There were others but they their characters disappeared or written out. Sheba is introduced when the Battlestar Galactica discovers the Battlestar Pegasus. The Pegasus is the only other battlestar known to have survived the attack on the colonies by the Cylons.

Sheba is the daughter of Admiral Cain in the original series. Lt. Sheba doesn`t approve of the relationship between her father and Cassiopeia in part due to the age gap. She first appears in the first part of The Living Legend two parter episode.

Lt. Sheba played by Anne Lockhart in the original series of <a href=/film/battlestargalactica>Battlestar Galactica</a>

Sheba is like the rest of the Pegasus crew because when her father is stood down by Commander Adama, she is willing to take part in a mutiny in order to see him back in command. The mutiny doesn`t take off because of a Cylon attack and Adama reinstates Admiral Cain.

Although it didn`t get anywhere given the relatively short length of the series, had it gone on further, we might have seen Lt. Sheba and Capt. Apollo get closer. Sheba is as courageous and skilled as her male counterparts.

Sheba Fact File

Alien RaceKobolian
AllegianceBattlestar Galactica
ActorAnne Lockhart

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