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Sister Clarice Willow

Sister Clarice Willow from Battlestar Galactica played by Polly Walker.

Sister Clarice Willow is a fictional female Human teacher in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Polly Walker. Sister Clarice Willow is a priestess who teaches at the Athena Academy on Caprica. She is a closet believer in the monotheist Soldiers of One. She shares her beliefs with her closest student and ends up corrupting Ben Stark into becoming a suicide bomber. Although she is aligned to the Soldiers of the One which is associated most closely with Gemenon, she actually hails from Sagittaron.

Soldiers of the One

Clarice Willow is a fervent support of the religious sect calling themselves the Soldiers of the One. The main religion on the twelve colonies is polythesist meaning they believe in many gods like how the Ancient Romans and Greeks did on Earth. This religious sect believes in one true being over all others.

Clarice is one of two supporters of the sect who fight for control on Caprica. The other is called Barnabas Greeley and their relationship deteriates to attempting to kill one another. Barnabas fails to kill Clarice Willow twice and so Clarice turns up at Barnabas's hide-out and kills Barnabas and his followers but leaves Lacy Rand alive.

Clarice uses and manipulates Lacy Rand in order to gain access to the holographic avatar of Zoe Graystone who she thinks will enable her to gain more control over people and start a revolution.

After Lacy Rand's attempt to kill Clarice Willow failed, Clarice sends Lacy Rand to Gemenon in order to learn the true ways of the Soldiers of the One. Lacy Rand was the only one of the assassins whose life was spared by Clarice Willow.

Visit to Gemenon

Clarice Willow visits Gemenon, home of the Blessed Mother, the most senior member of the organisation. Whilst on the planet, she explains her plan for Apotheosis and gains the backing of the Blessed Mother.

Whilst on Gemenon, Clarice Willow sought to gain control of all operations of the organisation on Caprica, something that the Blessed Mother eventually agreed to.

On her way to and from the space port on Caprica, Clarice Willow was the targe of an assassination plot. The first plot was to blow up her car but she had left the car minutes before the car exploded so that she could see something that was causing her car to be late. The second attack occurred when she came back from Gemenon when terrorists aligned to Barnabas launched a failed attempt to kill her at the space port.


Clarice believes in Apotheosis in the belief that when they die, they will be resurrected in a computer simulation. In order for her plan to come to fruition, she has to get hold of Zoe Adama's avatar. Clarice gets close to Amanda Graystone and infiltrates the Graystones house in order to download Zoe's avatar onto a memory stick to take back with her to her colleagues.

Agent Jordan Durum of the Global Defence Department, a kind of F.B.I. for the Twelve Colonies discovers that Amanda Graystone and Clarice Willow are becoming friends and he uses this information to get information on the Soldiers of the One. Durum gets Amanda to infiltrate and get information about the organisation.

When Clarice Willow hears that there is a traitor within the Soldiers of the One, she begins an investigation on who it is. After receiving information that the mole is Mar-Beth, one of her household and who had just given birth, Clarice Willow kills Mar-Beth.

When it comes to carrying out Apotheosis, Sister Clarice Willow pulls back from taking part in the terrorist operation to blow up the Caprica City Buccaneers Pyramid Stadium. All the terrorists are killed by Cylons controlled by Daniel Graystone and Amanda.

When the terrorists are shot, their character personas are uploaded onto the virtual network. Clarice is there to greet them and so is Zoe Graystone. Zoe takes revenge on Clarice by destroying the virtual paradise that Clarice had set up in the virtual world. All the terrorist avatars are destroyed and Clarice is forced to leave the virtual world. Clarice had no intention at any time of joining them in the virtual world, she just led people to think so.

At the end of the Caprica series, Clarice is seen preaching to a hall of Cylons. These Cylons would then use what they have learned as their basis of religion. In the series, the Cylons keep referring to the one god, not the many which the humans believe in.

Sister Clarice Willow Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Soldiers of the One
ActorPolly Walker

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