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Commander Spock - Star Trek - The Original Series

Spock from Star Trek - The Original Series played by Leonard Nimoy

Spock is a fictional male Vulcan in the Star Trek - The Original Series television series who was played on screen by Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto. Spock holds the rank of Commander within the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A.

Spock first appeared in the very first episode The Cage but when all the cast was sacked, his character was kept on. Spock is half-Human and Half-Vulcan but his temperament and attitude is that of Vulcans. He has learned to control his inner savagery and apply logic whenever the need is there that requires it.

Whilst mainly referred to as Spock, it is assumed it is his surname as he's referred to many times as Mr. Spock.

He has been a loyal member of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A crew and is the second most important character on the programme. His official role is that of Science Officer.

Even though he is only half human, he still posses much of the powers that Vulcan can do. Those powers are ability to mind meld and knock people out by pinching their necks.

In the original timeline, he sacrifices himself so that the rest of the crew can live when the damaged Enterprise needs to get away from an impeding explosion caused by Khan at the end of Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan. Spock does a mind-meld with Doctor Leonard Bones McCoy which causes the latter to act funny. Spocks coffin is ejected from the Enterprise and lands on the planet Genesis. On Genesis, Spocks body regenerates but without the memories. To regain the memories requires a service to be carried out on Spocks home world. Kirk and the Enterprise return to Genesis and pick up Spock and take him back to Vulcan.

After Spocks mind has returned to his body, the crew are required on Earth as a mysterious alien ship is threatening the world and the only thing that can save the world is a Humpback whale but they're extinct. The crew of the Enterprise travel back in time to steal a humpback. The crew return to the 1980s where Vulcans are unheard of. To hide his ears, Spock wears a sweatband to hide the pointed ears. (Star Trek IV, Voyage Home)

Spock made appearances in the Next Generation, most famously in the two part Unification episodes where he is part of a Vulcan delegation who are on Romulus trying to forge better relations between the Vulcans and the Romulans.

Spock's Family

Spock's mother is from Earth and is dad is from Vulcan. His father is ambassador Sarek who has appeared in the series. In the re-imagined timeline, Sarek survives the destruction of their home world. During Sarek's time on Earth, he would meet Spocks' mother.

Spock's mother is Amanda Grayson who is a teacher. In the re-imagined series, his mother died when Nero destroyed his home planet of Vulcan. Spock had been unable to rescue his mother as the planet crumbled. In the original timeline, Amanda survived and appeared in a number of episodes.

Spock had an older brother, Sybok who was born to his father and a Vulcan woman. Sybok would be the primary antagonist in Star Trek V, the Final Frontier where Sybok has received a vision and tells him to go to a planet and see God. Sybok forces the Enterprise to go to the planet so that he can see God.

Rebooted Film Series

Mr Spock

Leonard Nimoy returned to the film series when it was rebooted. In the far future, Spock had been tasked with saving the Romulan home world when its star was going to go supernova. Spock had been given a large amount of Red Matter which when fired at the star, the star would not have as catastrophic consequences as would have have. Only a small amount of the stuff was needed but Spock was given a large amount. Spock was unable to prevent the star from going supernova and destroyed Romulus.

The resultant supernova caused a wormhole which sent both Spock and a Romulan mining ship back into the past. The Romulan ship was led by Nero who wanted revenge on the destruction of Romulus. Nero planned to capture Spock and destroy the Vulcan home world and then Earth. Due to time anomalies, the Romulan came through the wormhole first and lay in wait for Spock. When Spock came through, the space ship and the Red Matter was captured. Spock somehow escaped.

Spock would later meet up with a young Capt. James Tiberius Kirk on an ice planet and help him get back onto the Enterprise with Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scotty Scott. Spock always stood by the rules and regulations but this time, Spock was willing to break the rules and aided Scotty in formulating a method of getting back onboard the Enterprise for Kirk.

The friendship between Spock and Kirk grew over time, it wasn't instant.Whilst Kirk was willing to break the rules for the greater good, Spock stuck rigidly to them. When Kirk saved Spocks life by revealing the Enterprise to a race that had never seen a space ship, Spock reported Kirk for disciplinary. Spock felt not allowing the aliens on the planet know about the enterprise was better than saving Spocks life.

In the original series, Spock sacrificed his life for the crew by repairing the machine. In the rebooted film series, it was Kirk not Spock that sacrificed his life. Spock at the time when Kirk took a massive radiation blast was dealing with John Harrison who was hellbent on wreaking havoc on Earth.

The younger Spock did bump into the older Spock and would later seek the elder one's advice on what to do in the next movie. Leonard Nimoy passed away in real-life before the third film and reference was made to Spock's death.

Spock Facts

Alien RaceVulcan
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701A
SpaceshipUSS Enterprise NCC-1701A
ActorLeonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto
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Not even a character thingy. Spock is my one of my favorite characters on the orignal series. And ferther more Spock isn't entirely Vulcan, his mother is Amanda Grayson and she is very much human. So there for they should have put Saavik his wife in the movies under Vulcans.
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