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Stahma Tarr - Defiance

Stahma Tarr is a fictional female Castithan who works for City of Defiance in the Defiance franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Jaime Murray. Stahma is the obedient wife of Datak Tarr and mother to Alak Tarr.

Stahma Tarr from the Defiance television series.

Stahma`s Sexuality

Stahma is someone who is not afraid to explore her sexuality and is known to have fun with the same sex especially with Kenya Rosewater, the sister of Mayor Amanda Rosewater. It is implied that the relationship between Kenya and Stahma has Datak approval. In a number of episodes, both Stahma and Kenya make love to one another.

It ends in tears when Kenya knows too much about Stahma. Stahma lures Kenya to the woods and stabs her to death. Whilst the viewers know what has happened to Kenya, the characters are unaware that Kenya has died and the case remains open.

When Datak is Away

When Datak Tarr is in prison, Stahma learns to take control of the business including from her son. However, her control of the company doesn`t last that long because Datak Tarr is released from prison and returns home.

Stahma Tarr Fact File

Alien RaceCastithan
AllegianceCity of Defiance
LoveDatak Tarr
ActorJaime Murray

Copyright: 2013

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