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Stark - Farscape

Stark from Farscape played by Paul Goddard.

Stark is a fictional male Banik in the Farscape television series who was played on screen by Paul Goddard. He wears a mask to protect his face and prevent it from emanating streams from it.

When the crew of Moya are captured and are put on trial, Stark sacrifices himself for the rest of the group. He returns briefly in John Quixote where he is a character in the game that John Crichton must play out to get out of the game. John must kiss the Princess which he believes is the charcter that is modelled on Aeryn Sun. However, after John kisses the Princess, nothing happens. John realises that Stark's princess is actually Pau Zotoh Zhaan and so tracks the blue priestess.

Stark Facts

Alien RaceBanik
ActorPaul Goddard
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

Copyright: Henson

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