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Tabor Calchek

Tabor Calchek is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter series. The character was portrayed on screen by David Hewlett. Tabor Calchek is a middle man who provides the crew of the Raza with missions and jobs for them to survive. It was him that sent the crew on their original mission to kill the miners on the mining colony. He appears most in the first series before making less appearance in the second series.

Tabor Calchek played by David Hewitt in Dark Matter

In the third series, Tabor Calchek has disappeared and the crew need him. The Crew visit a Traugott Corp community where the Raza prevents the colony from being destroyed by a nuclear missile shot by the Ferrous Corp. The Raza have visited the planet in order to find Tabor whose not there. Whilst on the planet, they pick up Adrian Maro and his bodyguard. Adrian says he's Tabor's apprentice and therefore joins the crew.

Tabor Calchek is played by David Hewlett, a British actor who is best remembered for his role as Dr. Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis. He is one of a few actors who have appeared on both Stargate Atlantis and Dark Matter.

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