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Tamara Adama - Battlestar Galactica

Tamara Adama is a fictional female human who works for The Adama Family in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Genevieve Buechner. Tamara is the daughter of Joseph Adama and his wife Shannon Adama. Tamara and her mother are on the train heading somewhere when Ben Stark detonates his bomb and blows up the train and both Adamas die.

Tamara Adama

Rebirth in the Holo-band World

As a means to encourage Joseph to help him, Daniel Graystone creates a virtual version of the dead daughter which he keeps in a darkened room. During a virtual meeting between the virtual Zoe Graystone and Lacy Rand, Zoe releases Tamara into the larger virtual community. Its not long before Heracles as he calls himself finds Tamara and leads her into an alternate virtual world.

Joseph Adama`s Search

When Heracles discovers that she can`t de-res or die, Heracles takes advantage of the situation and uses Tamara`s virtual self to go and do some crime which they can`t do in the real world. Heracles uses Tamara to get at a corrupt overweight criminal and then break into a bank and steal some credits for the game.

Tamara manages to persuade Heracles to go and visit her father and when he does, he finds out Tamara is dead and runs away. Joseph manages to track down Heracles and gets him to take him into the virtual world to find Tamara.

When Tamara`s father tracks down Tamara, she says very little before gunning the two of them down and then ressing back alive. Tamara is referred to as the Death-walker as she can`t be killed.

Encountering Zoe Graystone in the Virtual World

After the U87 cylon prototype is shut down, Zoe Graystone`s avatar travels to the Virutal World. Zoe becomes a Death Walker that can`t be killed like Tamara. When they encounter one another at a death match arena, Tamara inflicts pain as revenge on Zoe. The pain won`t kill Zoe but it`ll hurt her.

Eventually, both Zoe Graystone and Tamara Adama strike up a friendship and become known as the Avenging Angels where they take on the underworld that inhabits the game.

Tamara Adama Fact File

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Adama Family
ActorGenevieve Buechner

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