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T'Challa a.k.a. Black Panther - The Avengers

T'Challa from The Avengers played by Chadwick Boseman.

T'Challa is a fictional male Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Chadwick Boseman. T'Challa is the new king of the mythical Wakanda. Wakanda is an advanced civillisation that is hidden behind a shield in the middle of Africa. The state is unknown to the rest of the world, although its people do venture out including that of T'Challa.

Black Panther was the first Marvel character to be written solely as a non-white, all the previous characters had been created as white or changed. Since then, we have Luke Cage and Falcon to just name two characters.

T'Challa makes his first appearance in the Marvel films in Civil War when he sides with Iron Man against Captain America. Since then, he had his own movie, Black Panther. Black Panther is the name of an actual animal from which the characters name is copied from.

T'Challa's suit is made from bullet proof vibranuim which is the same material that Captain America (Steve Rogers) shield is made from. Vibranium comes from a meteor that smashed into the planet years ago and Wakanda has the largest deposits of the ore anywhere in the world.

T'Challa's first solo outing in the movie of his characters name sees him go up against Erik Killmonger, a fellow Wakandan who belives he should be the rightful king. Erik works with Ulysses Klaus to bring down T'Challa before ultimately betraying Klaus to gain the throne.

Erik succeeds in removing T'Challa from the throne but T'Challa works to regain the throne. T'Challa works with one of the Wakanda tribes and his sister Shuri to build him technology in order to regain the throne. Shuri is described as Wakandan Q and T'Challa as a Wakandan James Bond.

Avengers - Infinity War / Endgame

T'Challa only appeared during the end of the Infinity Wars as the Black Panther film was in the process of being made so couldn't be in two places at once. T'Challa was one of the characters turned to dust at the end of the Infinity Wars.

When Bruce Banner uses the new Infinity Gauntlet to bring everyone back, T'Challa and his warriors take part in the final battle against Thanos on the destroyed lands that once used to be Avenger Headquarters.

Due to his box office success, Black Panther will return in a sequel.

T'Challa Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorChadwick Boseman
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

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