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Teku Fonsei

Teku Fonsei from Dark Matter played by Andrew Moodie.

Teku Fonsei is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter television series who was portrayed on screen by Andrew Moodie. An addition to the third series, after Ryo Tetsuda regained his rightful place as Emperor of Zairon, he released Teku from prison. Teku had refused to accept that Ryo's brother-in-law was the Emperor and therefore was imprisoned by the regime.

One of the first acts of regaining the Emperorship was to release Teku and offer him retirement. Teku refused the offer of retirement and instead accepted the offer of being a senior adviser to the Emperor.

One of the pieces of advise that Teku gave the Emperor was to engage with the populace. The populace of Zairon was not warming to Ryo as Emperor. When Misaki Han-Shireikan foiled an assassination plot, Ryo ordered revenge executions which Teku tried to persuade not to do.

Teku Fonsei Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorAndrew Moodie

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