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Telemachus Rhade

Telemachus Rhade is a fictional male Neitzschean in the Andromeda series. The character was portrayed on screen by Steve Bacic. His allegiance / loyalty is to the Commonwealth. Telemachus Rhade is a direct descendent of Gaheris Rhade, the friend and commander who betrayed Dylan in the first episode. Before joining the crew, he is introduced in as Admiral Telemachus Rhade of Tarazed in Home Fires. Telemachus doesn't hide the fact that he is against joining the Commonwealth and when it comes to a referendum on Tarazed, the no's win.

Telemachus Rhade played by Steve Bacic

Telemachus is a character from the Ancient Greek story of Homer's Odyssey. The character is the son of the central character Odysseus and Penelope and in the first four books of the story talk about Telemachus search for his father who never returned from the Trojan War. Telemachus is also a name of a character in the television cartoon series Ulysses 31 which is based on Odyssey.

Deja vu Fight

After the incident with Magog swam ships, evidence points to Telemachus having sent those decoys to discredit him. Telemachus does suggest that Dylan led the Magog swarm ships to the planet. Rommie finds out that Telemachus has been framed. When Telemachus and Dylan confront one another on the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant, its a virtual replay of what happened between Gaheris and Dylan 300 years ago.

When Telemachus and Dylan meet first the first time when introduced by Rekel Ben-Tzion, Telemachus doesn't know about the truth of Gaheris and his betrayal. Telemachus tells of what he knows of Gaheris as being a strong and loyal person. Dylan doesn't disappoint and doesn't reveal the traitorous nature of Gaheris Rhade.

When they fought it out on the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant, neither of them ended up killing the other. Dylan knew somehow how it would end when Telemachus asked to come and see him in private. Telemachus had ordered marshall law just previously when the Magog was sited.

Gaheris Rhade

Gaheris Rhade was the Nietzschean first officer on board the Andromeda Ascendant three hundred years previous. The Nietzscheans set out breaking up the Commonwealth in revenge for the way the Magog killed thousands of Nietzscheans and the Commonwealth did nothing in their eyes to help. Gaheris tells Dylan Hunt that he did try to warn him but Dylan didn't see.

Gaheris and Dylan Hunt were close, they first encountered each other when they had to undertake a mission on behalf of the Commonwealth to depose a leader on the planet Mobius, chronicled in Forced Perspective. From that point onwards, they were close friends. In Home Fires, we learn that Dylan had asked Gaheris to his best man which Gaheris agreed to but because of the war, the wedding never happened.

Gaheris and Telemachus Rhade are both played by the same actor, Steve Bacic, a Croatian born Canadian actor. Having the same actor implied that descendants looked exactly like their forefathers.

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Christian Williams
Telemachus Rhade should really pass for human, besides he's just a clone of Gaheris Rhade, except he has emotions and a conscience and he's hairier and more muscular, making him a monster.
I happen to like this guy very much. He's my favourite character. He's an evolved Nietschean, with conscience and emotions. Remember, he was born on Terazed, a planet where Humans and Nietzscheans coexist. That's why he doesn't despise Humans for being inferior like some other prides (clans). The Terazed Nietzscheans learned to share a planet with Humans, and that's why they are more tolerant, more evolved. Somehow, I think this is the true Nietschean way. Sharing way of life and culture with other races in general.
When I first started watching Andromeda the first ep. and I saw Rhade I was like there's my my favorite character (I do that a lot) and then they went and killed him so i was like Darn it now I have to find a new favorite. But, then as if by miracle he returned. the Neitzscheans are also my favorite race (except for maybe Trance's) just like the Vulcans are off of Star Trek.