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Abyss from Andromeda played by .

Abyss is a fictional male Spirtual spiritual leader in the Andromeda television series . The Abyss is a spiritual being who has no human face. It is the spiritual leader of the Magog.

The Abyss comes across a energised humanoid but at the end of the five series, the Abyss takes the form of a female human Maura. The Abyss replaced the original Maura with itself. The Abyss had tried to manipulate the Magog and when The Commonwealth agreed a truce with the Magog, it went on to try and manipulate the Neitzscheans.

Although not successful in the main timeline, in an Parallel Universe that Dylan Hunt is transported to, the Commonwealth has become corrupted by the Abyss. The alternate universe is now ruled by a dictator who happens to be Seamus Harper who is now part machine. The fiery figure of the Abyss doesn't appear but is only talked about. The Warmth of an Invisible Light

Abyss Facts

Alien RaceSpirtual
SpaceshipMagog Worldship

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