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Oliver Queen - The Arrow

The Arrow is a fictional male in the Justice League series. The character was portrayed on screen by Stephen Amell. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Justice League. The Arrow / The Green Arrow is a hodden vigilante that keeps Starling City, a fictional U.S. city safe from criminals. The Arrow is also known as the Hood because he used a hood to cover his identity and an eye mask too. In the series, it is Malcolm Merlyn who first refers to the Arrow as the Arrow at a dinner party that Oliver is at. The Arrow's real name is Oliver Queen, a son of a billionaire who returns home after five years of being shipwrecked on an island. He had been on a yacht with his father and his lover Sara Lance. Oliver was able to make it to an island which he at first thought was uninhabited but he would later discover to not to be the case. On the Island he got trained by an advanced archer known as Yao Fei. Yao would humiliate and belittle Oliver, at time just talking to Oliver in chinese until Oliver got the understanding.

During his time on the island, he was captured by a militia where he was tortured with him being stabbed by Deathstroke, a legendary assassin. Oliver was eventually rescued by Yao who the latter was impressed that he hadn't ratted on him and that his strength of character was much stronger than he had given OIiver credit for.

As the television series progressed, we find that he wasn't always on the island, he ventured to Hong Kong where he had to put some of his training into practice. Oliver was tasked to torture someone to find out where a bomb was placed but he failed to carry out the task and the bomb went off.

He runs into an ex-girlfriend when he comes back and believes that her son is his too. He manages to get a DNA swab of the son and get Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash to run a DNA test which it comes back positive. He confronts the ex and she acknowledges the truth but wants to keep the truth from the son. When Oliver tells Felicity, his girlfriend, she goes ape with him and makes him loose control when they go up against Vandal Savage. The Flash goes back in time and persuades Oliver not to tell Felicity.

The Arrow is D.C. Comic's equivalent of Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton who is also an excellent archer. Clint unlike Oliver does not have a television series or a film series in his name, just a comic and guest appearances. In addition to Hawkeye, it has a number of similarities and differences to Bruce Wayne - Batman. Neither carries a gun, both are the sons of billionaire fathers who are both dead and so he takes the reigns of the organisations. For Oliver Queen however, his mother is alive but later in the series, she is killed off. Bruce Wayne was a lonely child however Oliver had his younger sister Thea who would later turn to crime fighting too.

Return to Starling City

After five years being lost, he was finally rescued and brought back to Starling City where he became the Hood first then he re-invented himself as the Arrow. He first set about bringing down people he felt that harmed the city. Unbeknown to him, his mother is behind some of the problems and was ultimately responsible for what has been going on. His mother was partly behind the yacht crash. He has a sister Thea who stands by him as any sister would.

The Queens

Robert Queen

Robert was the head of the family and in charge of Queen Industries. He went on a yachting trip with his son Oliver and other people including Sara Lance. The boat became shipwrecked and only Robert, Oliver and one other person survived the shipwreck. On the lifeboat, Robert killed the third survivor then himself in the hope that it would increase the survival chances of his son. Robert kept a log of all the people who he felt betrayed him which Oliver found and planned to eliminate everyone on the list.

Moira Queen

Oliver's Mum remarried after the shipwreck to Walter Steele played by Colin Salmon. Oliver suspected his mother was involved in Merlyn's business but was not able to find sufficient proof until late in the first series. Oliver got John Diggle to pretend to be the Arrow to extract information from Moira which worked. Moira confessed everything to John and then she confessed to the police.

Thea Queen / Willa Holland

Thea is the younger half-sister to Oliver Queen. For the whole of their lives together, Oliver saw Thea as his pure sister but later it is revealed that Thea is actually the result of Moira's infidelity with Malcolm Merlyn. It doesn't change the way Oliver feels about her.

Thea would fall for a young hoodlum who stole her bag. Over the course of the series, Thea would get Roy Harper back on the straight and narrow. Roy idolised the Arrow because the Arrow once saved his life. Both Roy and Thea would be allies to the Arrow and be part of the Arrow's team.

The Lances

Sara had a sister who became a lawyer and whose father, Quentin is a police man. Neither of the Lances can quite come to terms with what happened to Sara and they blame Oliver for her death.

Oliver managed to persuade John Diggle to become the Arrow to take on a criminal so that he could be seen by many people at a party thereby having an alibi and therefore not be the Arrow.

Quentin Lance

Quentin is a senior police officer in Starling City who in the first series aims to bring down the Arrow. Quentin is unaware that Oliver is the Arrow until later series. Although Quentin wants to bring down the Arrow, Quentin is not unwilling to work with Arrow to bring down a bigger fish. Quentin struggled to come to terms of the death of Sara Lance and would take it out on Oliver as Oliver had been the last to see Sara.

Laurel Lance

When Oliver needed a lawyer to represent him, he turned to Laurel, the elder sister of Sara to defend him and using her professional acumen, she successfully managed to persuade a court that Oliver is not the Hood/Arrow. Laurel is killed but is resurrected and comes back as a Meta-Human with a powerful scream that can destroy buildings and make people's ears bleed. Laurel Lance is played by Katie Cassidey, the daughter of the singer David Cassidey.

When Oliver returned to Starling City, Laurel was at the time going out with Tommy Merlyn, Oliver's best friend. Oliver struggled with knowing that Laurel and Tommy were together and eventually, Oliver confessed his love for Laurel and got together with her.

Sara Lance

Sara somehow managed to survive and come back as Black Canary. She was at one time a member of the League of Assassins before leaving and eventually becoming an ally of Team Arrow. She is a main character in Rip Hunter's Legends of Tomorrow who try to track down Vandal Savage.

Mayor Queen

In the fifth series, Oliver Queen becomes the Mayor of Starling City with the help of his closest confidants, his sister Thea and ex-fiancee Felicity. When Oliver is kidnapped, it is Thea who returns to being Speedy who comes to help him escape and then go back for the others. He tries to recruit some strangers but his methods are what was used on him when he was in Russia during his shipwrecked years. The method isn't to everyone's liking.

Major Arrow Allies

John Diggle / David Ramsey

His mother hired John Diggle to protect Oliver Queen but it was not before long that John found out about Oliver's side character, the Hood and resigned his commission. Oliver managed to persuade John to come back and work with him to clear up the city.

John Diggle doesn't use a bow and arrow, he uses a gun when its needed. When both Oliver Queen and the Arrow need to be at the same place, John will take on the role of Arrow so that Oliver can appear in person. John took on the role of the Arrow when Oliver wanted his mother to reveal what she knew of what Malcolm Merlyn was doing at the end of the first series. John Diggle was an ex-special forces officer who become a bodyguard after leaving the service. John Diggle is played on screen by David Ramsey.

Felicity Smoak / Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity is a highly intelligent employee of Queen Industries who was originally only going to appear for one or two episodes. However due to the response from the Arrow fans, she became a regular character and then a main character. Throughout the series, Felicity gets closer to Oliver and eventually the two become an item and then fiancees.

Felicity comes across highly intelligent although a little clumsy at time, more a comical character. Felicity has crossed-over into The Flash episodes without Arrow also appearing.

Major Arrow Antagonists

Edward Fryers / Sebastian Dunn

During the first series, we follow Oliver Queen as he struggles to survive on an island that he has ended up after being shipwrecked. Oliver is befriended by Yao Fei ( played by Byron Mann) who teaches Oliver to survive on the island and how to use a bow and arrow to kill and survive. Ultimately, Yao Fei will betray Oliver to Edward Fryers, a British mercenary on the island who is being paid by a mysterious woman to start a war.

Whose side Yao Fei is on switches from episode to episode, sometime Yao will help, other times hinder. Yao sets up a meeting between Oliver and Slade Wilson (played by Manu Bennett), an Australian assassin who wears a two coloured mask split down the middle. Slade and Oliver would work together to survive on the island and prevent Edward Fryers from blowing up an airliner.

Malcolm Merlyn / John Barrowman

Merlyn is supposed to be the historical British legend, King Arthur who is now a wealthy industrialist in Starling City. Merlyn's son, Tommy Merlyn is Oliver Queen's best friend and love rival for Laurel Lance. Merlyn's wife Rebecca died in the Glades area of Starling City and he wanted to exact revenge on the people of the glades by levelling it with an artificially created Earthquake. Oliver Queen worked with Quentin Lance to prevent the device from going off. Unbeknown to Oliver, Merlyn had a back-up plan of a second device which levelled some of the city.

The Arrow would thwart Malcolm during the series and to get his own back, Malcolm became a rival archer. The aim of being the rival archer was to discredit the real Arrow. Malcolm had enough skill and speed to catch the Arrow's arrow.

Although Malcolm was defeated at the end of the first series, he would carry on being a thawn in the side of the Arrows and the Legends of Tomorrow team.

Alternate Universe Oliver Queen

In the Crisis on Earth X crossover episodes, the leader of the invasion force was an alternate universe Oliver Queen. Oliver was still a skilled archer. Oliver was married to Kara Danvers who was dying and needed a new heart. The only way the alternate Kara was going to get a new heart was from taking from "our" Kara Danvers. Oliver led the invasion force through.

In the altenate universe, known as Earth-X because it was so terrible and different to all other universes, they gave it a letter instead of a number to signify its difference. Oliver Queen was the current Führer, the new leader of the Nazis with Adolf Hitler having died years ago.

The Arrow from the television series

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