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Oliver Queen - The Arrow - Justice League

Oliver Queen from Justice League played by Stephen Amell.

Oliver Queen is a fictional male in the Justice League comic series who was portrayed on screen by Stephen Amell. The Arrow / The Green Arrow is a hooded vigilante that keeps Starling City, a fictional U.S. city safe from criminals. The Arrow is also known as the Hood because he used a hood to cover his identity and an eye mask too.In the series, it is Malcolm Merlyn who first refers to the Arrow as the Arrow at a dinner party that Oliver is at.

The first five series has a mix of present and what happened exactly five years ago. In the sixth series, he has no more recollections of the past and it is all focused on the here and now.

In the series, the adventures are based in a fictional city known as Starling then Star City. In the comics, the adventures are set in the real life city of Seattle on the north west coast of the United States.

The Arrow's real name is Oliver Queen, the son of Robert Queen, a billionaire who returns home after five years of being shipwrecked on an island. He had been on a yacht with his father and his lover Sara Lance. Oliver was able to make it to an island which he at first thought was uninhabited but he would later discover to not to be the case. On the Island he got trained by an advanced archer known as Yao Fei. Yao would humiliate and belittle Oliver, at time just talking to Oliver in chinese until Oliver got the understanding.

The series had him washed up on an island after a shipwreck, the comic tells of a different story. The comic tells of him surviving a terrorist attack on an oil rig that he was on at the time. He managed to make it to an island where he learned the skills that would eventually turn him into the Green Arrow. He had had archery lessons in the past so making and using a bow and arrow wasn't new to him on the island.

During his time on the island, he was captured by a militia where he was tortured and stabbed by a man wearing a mask similar to that of Deathstroke, a legendary assassin. Oliver was eventually rescued by Yao who the latter was impressed that he hadn't ratted on him and that his strength of character was much stronger than he had given OIiver credit for.

As the television series progressed, we find that he wasn't always on the island, he ventured to Hong Kong where he had to put some of his training into practice. Oliver was tasked to torture someone to find out where a bomb was placed but he failed to carry out the task and the bomb went off.

In the comics, Oliver was a playboy character who was on an oil rig when it was targeted by terrorists. When the terrorist attack, both him and his best friend Tommy Merlyn survive. When Oliver return, he has to deal with Tommy who is now a criminal mastermind and who also uses bows and arrows.

He runs into an ex-girlfriend when he comes back and believes that her son is his too. He manages to get a DNA swab of the son and get Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash to run a DNA test which it comes back positive. He confronts the ex and she acknowledges the truth but wants to keep the truth from the son. When Oliver tells Felicity, his girlfriend, she goes ape with him and makes him loose control when they go up against Vandal Savage. The Flash goes back in time and persuades Oliver not to tell Felicity.

The Arrow is D.C. Comic's equivalent of Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton who is also an excellent archer. Clint unlike Oliver does not have a television series or a film series in his name, just a comic and guest appearances. In addition to Hawkeye, it has a number of similarities and differences to Bruce Wayne - Batman. Neither carries a gun, both are the sons of billionaire fathers who are both dead and so he takes the reigns of the organisations. For Oliver Queen however, his mother is alive but later in the series, she is killed off. Bruce Wayne was a lonely child however Oliver had his younger sister Thea who would later turn to crime fighting too.


In later series of Smallville, Arrow made a first appearance in the episode Sneeze (6x02) then make a number of guest appearances before being bumped up to series regular. Oliver Queen in the series was played by Justin Hartley. Unlike other D.C. actors such as Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, Justin Hartley has yet to appear in any Arrowverse series.

Whilst both Arrows were shipwrecked on an island, Justin's time on the island was shorter than his counterparts. During both bouts on the island, both Oliver Queens would learn how to fire an arrow so that they are prepared for what happens when they came back to civilisation.

There is no Felicity Smoak in Smallville, she was created specifically for the Arrow series. Justin's arrow would eventually fall in love and marry Chloe Sullivan played by Allison Mack.

There was a year gap between Smallville and Arrow first coming on television. Some had hoped that Arrow would follow on from Smallville and have the same actor play it him in the dedicated series but wasn't to be. Once Smallville was finished, all the DC stories were rebooted.

The Arrow was assisted by Speedy, who in Smallville stayed faithful to the original storyline in that Speedy was a rescued prostitute but Arrow's Speedy was Thea Queen, Oliver's sister.

The producers of the Smallville series had wanted to bring in Bruce Wayne but had been unable to get the permission to do so hence why The Arrow was brought in instead.

In the series, it is revealed that both Oliver Queen and Lex Luthor were at school together. They didn't get along with one another and that animosity continued through out their lives. It was at a time when Lex had already lost his hair due to the meteor shower.

We also learn in the eighth series that during Oliver's time on the island, he meets Tess Mercer who was also on the island at the same time. Tess and Oliver had a relationship, one that got re-ignited when Tess takes over LuthorCorp but doesn't last long. Tess is revealed to be Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor's sister.

Criticism of The Arrow

Every season would have a primary series long antagonist. In the first season, it was Malcolm Merlyn also known as the Dark Archer. The second series was Deathstroke. The third series was Ra's Al Ghul, the legendary leader of League of Assassins.

The fourth series was Damian Darhk who had magic power given to him by a mystical object that Oliver Queen first came across five years ago. All the previous antagonists up to then were all normal people, ok, Ra's Al Ghul was over a hundred years old thanks to the Pit. The point was that they were all up until then equal then comes Damian Darhk who was a like Sith Lord in what he could do.

The fifth series saw Josh Segarra be Simon Morrison / Adrian Chase, a hidden son of a scientist that the Arrow killed during his clean up of the city. There was nothing special or spectacular about Simon, he could fight in the same way as Oliver could. It was a much improved enemy, one that was on the same level and grounded in reality again which the first three antagonists were.

The sixth series saw The Arrow up against Cayden James and Ricardo Diaz, both grounded in reality which was a good thing. By the end of the series, the F.B.I. had arrested Oliver Queen and put him in prison. Throughout the series, Oliver Queen had been more than once arrested and tried and found innocent of being the Greeen Arrow. Where series seven will take it is unknown. The only hint for the seventh series is that the goatee beard of the comic character is coming.

Return to Starling City

After five years being lost, he was finally rescued and brought back to Starling City where he became the Hood first then he re-invented himself as the Arrow. He first set about bringing down people he felt that harmed the city. Unbeknown to him, his mother is behind some of the problems and was ultimately responsible for what has been going on. His mother was partly behind the yacht crash. He has a sister Thea who stands by him as any sister would.

The Queens

Robert Queen

Robert was the head of the family and in charge of Queen Consolidated. He went on a yachting trip with his son Oliver and other people including Sara Lance. The boat became shipwrecked and only Robert, Oliver and one other person survived the shipwreck. On the lifeboat, Robert killed the third survivor then himself in the hope that it would increase the survival chances of his son. Robert kept a log of all the people who he felt betrayed him which Oliver found and planned to eliminate everyone on the list.

Moira Queen

Oliver's Mum remarried after the shipwreck to Walter Steele played by Colin Salmon. Oliver suspected his mother was involved in Merlyn's business but was not able to find sufficient proof until late in the first series. Oliver got John Diggle to pretend to be the Arrow to extract information from Moira which worked. Moira confessed everything to John and then she confessed to the police.

In the series, Moira Queen was killed by Deathstroke in revenge for the death of Shado, an assassin who was with both Oliver and Deathstroke on the island. Oliver had been given the opportunity to save either Shado or Sara Lance and he chose the latter. When Deathstroke found out the truth about the death, he swore vengeance on Oliver Queen. In the comics, Moira Queen died of natural causes rather than being killed.

Thea Queen

Thea is the younger half-sister to Oliver Queen. For the whole of their lives together, Oliver saw Thea as his pure sister but later it is revealed that Thea is actually the result of Moira's infidelity with Malcolm Merlyn. It doesn't change the way Oliver feels about her. The character Thea was created for the series, the character doesn't exist in the comics.

Thea would fall for a young hoodlum who stole her bag. Over the course of the series, Thea would get Roy Harper back on the straight and narrow. Roy idolised the Arrow because the Arrow once saved his life. Both Roy and Thea would be allies to the Arrow and be part of the Arrow's team.

After Roy Harper leaves Star City, Roy passes on his bow, arrow and suit to Thea. Thea joins Team Arrow as another archer in the group and proves herself adept at firing. Thea uses the codename Speedy which is a nickname Oliver used to call her when she was younger. In the comics, Speedy was another character, a codename given to Mia Dearden, a homeless child who had been turned into a prostitute and contracted AIDS/HIV. Wiki

Emiko Queen

Just like Moira Queen was unfaithful to her husband and gave birth to Thea Queen, Robert Queen was just as unfaithful. Robert had another family which produced a daughter but whose identity was hidden. Robert's daughter was Emiko who would come out of the shadows and fight to save Star City like her half-brother.

Mayor Queen

In the fifth series, Oliver Queen becomes the Mayor of Starling City with the help of his closest confidants, his sister Thea and ex-fiancee Felicity. When Oliver is kidnapped, it is Thea who returns to being Speedy who comes to help him escape and then go back for the others. He tries to recruit some strangers but his methods are what was used on him when he was in Russia during his shipwrecked years. The method isn't to everyone's liking.

The Arrow's Friends

Felicity Smoak / Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity is a highly intelligent employee of Queen Consolidated who was originally only going to appear for one or two episodes. However due to the response from the Arrow fans, she became a regular character and then a main character. Throughout the series, Felicity gets closer to Oliver and eventually the two become an item and then fiancees.

Felicity comes across highly intelligent although a little clumsy at time, more a comical character. Felicity has crossed-over into The Flash episodes without Arrow also appearing.

Roy Harper

Roy Harper goes by the codename Arsenal and wears red compared to the lead character. In both the comic and the television series, he was on the wrong side of the law. In the television series, Roy was a thief who Thea Queen took pity on and encouraged him to go straight. When the Arrow saved Roy's life, Roy became obsessed with teaming up with the Arrow and eventually got his wish.

When Oliver Quen was arrested, Roy took on the mantle of the Green Arrow to get Oliver Queen released which worked but no one believed it. Roy would eventually leave Star City but briefly return to Thea away. Roy would return once more and dressed by as the Green Arrow as Oliver was in prison having been arrested by the F.B.I.

In the comics, Roy was a computer hacker who got released from prison with the help of Oliver. Oliver gave Roy help with going straight and would eventually team up with him before Roy left.

Mia Dearden

Mia was a child prostitute and one who had become infected with the AIDS virus. She had run away from her father who was abusive towards her. Oliver Queen took her on to help her move on with her life. Mia would be known as Speedy. The character appeared twice in the Smallville series but the character's name is given to Oliver's sister Thea. Wiki

Green Lantern

The intergalactic hero Green Lantern would join the Arrow for a trip across America in the comics but he never appeared in Smallville and not yet appeared in the Arrowverse series yet.

The Arrow's Enemies

The list of Arrows Enemies has been moved to List of Arrow Enemies (Incomplete)

Alternate Universe Oliver Queen

In the Crisis on Earth X crossover episodes, the leader of the invasion force was an alternate universe Oliver Queen. Oliver was still a skilled archer. Oliver was married to Kara Danvers who was dying and needed a new heart. The only way the alternate Kara was going to get a new heart was from taking from "our" Kara Danvers. Oliver led the invasion force through.

In the altenate universe, known as Earth-X because it was so terrible and different to all other universes, they gave it a letter instead of a number to signify its difference. Oliver Queen was the current Führer, the new leader of the Nazis with Adolf Hitler having died years ago.

Oliver Queen Facts

AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorStephen Amell
Last UpdatedSaturday, March 9, 2019

Copyright: DC Comics

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