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The Doctor is a fictional male Timelord in the Doctor Who franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, (Peter Cushing), Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin B. The Doctor is a Timelord from the planetGallifrey who is able to travel back and forth in time and to other worlds in the universe. The Doctor travels in a spaceship that is said to be infinite in size but on the outside looks like a Police Box. The Tardis looks like a Police Box because it was supposed to be able to blend into the environment but a component broke and chameleon device became locked as a Police Box.

The Doctor nearly always travels with a companion however if it hasn`t travelled with one, he`ll recruit one when he arrives at his destination. The Doctor never uses a gun to kill his enemies although in an eleventh Doctor episode, he does use a gun to dislodge something. Along with his trusty sonic screwdriver, The Doctor has in the past had a robotic dog called K9 to help him.

The idea of regeneration came about when the first actor to play The Doctor, William Hartnell announced he wanted to leave so they came up with the idea of regeneration. The Doctor is able to regenerate thirteen times before he dies, however as we near that point, the writers will come up with something to extend his life. We know he does eventually die because in the episode The Name of the Doctor , we visit the Doctor`s grave on Trezalore. We won`t see his death for years or even decades depending on how successful the series in.

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