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Barry Allen - The Flash - Justice League

The Flash from Justice League played by Grant Gustin.

The Flash is a fictional male in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Grant Gustin. Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash is a police lab technician who one day hopes to find the person who killed his mother and got his father arrested for the crime. Barry's mum was killed by a man in yellow moving extremely fast, he was nicknamed the Reverse-Flash by Barry and his colleagues. Barry gets his powers when a scientific experiment goes wrong and affects his other peoples bodies. For Barry, he is able to move extremely fast and is the fastest man alive. Barry is able to move fast enough to go back into history and travel through the multiverse into Kara Danver's realm.

In the television series, messes with time by travelling back in history. He goes back to save his mother and then is persuaded by another Flash to not to intervene. He returns back to the present and causes a time paradox and a portal to another Earth in the Multiverse. In the other Earth, Barry is a bit more geeky than he is in the Earth-1 universe.

As Barry's mother is dead and his father is in prison, he goes to live with Detective Joe West and his family who looks after him with his daughter, Iris West. Barry develops a crush on Iris but is too scared to tell her until after the first series. In the other universe, Barry is married to Iris and Joe is a bar singer. In a newspaper article that the groups sees, Barry does eventually get together with Iris and she becomes Iris West-Allen, a well respected newspaper reporter.

Nineties The Flash

In the nineties, there was an attempt to bring the Flash to the screen with John Wesley Snipp as the hooded hero. The Flash would be helped by just one person at S.T.A.R. Labs as opposed to the group that helps the current Flash.

The attempt only lasted one series before it was cancelled. John Wesley Snipp would appear on the C.W. Flash series as Jay Garrick and as Bart's imprisoned father. He was not the only link between the C.W. and the nineties series as the character Trickster was played by the same actor, Mark Hamill who is better remembered for his role as Luke Skywalker.


Bart Allen as opposed to Barry Allen as he is called in the series first appears in the episode Run (4x05). There are a few distinct differences between this version and the other versions in film and on screen.

The character only appeared in a few episodes but it was was enough for the series to introduce the character to the Smallville viewers.


Flashpoint is a pivotal moment in the characters storyline. As he is able to travel through both time and the multiverse, Barry travels back in time to save his mother and prevent his father from being arrested. The knock on effect of the change in timeline doesn't seem to obvious at the start but Barry then discovers what has happened.

In the television series, people who were once alive are now dead for example, Cisco's brother. His initial objective did succeed and his parents are together and alive. Barry reluctantly returns history to how it was but even then it isn't how it was before. Barry has to re-romance Iris all over again. Instead of trying to tweak the change, he leaves it as it was. Barry had to contend with Alchemy and Savitar.

In the DC comic of the same name, things changed more radically, there's no Superman, Batman is not Bruce Wayne but his father, Thomas Wayne. A war has broken out between Diana Prince's Amazons and Aquaman's Atlanteans and have carved up Europe. Captain Cold is a hero and Victor Stone aka The Cyborg is the greatest hero. It had been planned to turn the story into a film but the film has been put back so a different first Flash story can be told. Flashpoint will be told but its too early, its best to let the character bed down first.

The Flash's Enemies

The list of Flash's enemies have been moved to List of Flash's Enemies (Incomplete)

Justice League Movie

In the movie adaptation of Justice League, the role of Barry Allen is played by Ezra Miller instead of Grant Gustin, something that upset a lot of fans and colleagues such as Stephen Amell. Stephen Amell is known for playing The Arrow, an ace archer where they both team up to fight crime. The Arrow has his own television series which has been going for a little longer than the Flash series. Cinemablend

Ezra has made a few brief cameos in D.C. films, Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad where in the latter, The Flash apprehends Captain Boomerang. Captain Boomerang is an Australian ex-Special Forces operative who turns to the dark side so to speak and whose favoured weapon is the boomerang. In the Suicide Squad, he is seen stuffing a pink elephant inside his coat all the time when it falls out.

Scenes featuring Iris West and the rest were removed from the Justice League film to get it under two hours. The extra minutes were not released as part of any extended version unlike the Batman vs. Superman film which had an extra 30 minutes added.

Arrow and Supergirl Cross-overs

Talking about cross-overs, The Flash has appeared in other DC Comic/CW productions as a special guest, he had numerous cross-over episodes with The Arrow and has appeared in an episode of Supergirl. He's prominently appeared when he has crossed-over in Arrow. He has made an appearance in Smallville, the series which covered Clark Kent' s early years. The role of Barry Allen was played by Kyle Gallner.

Although The Flash and Superman inhabit the same universe in the films, for the television series, the two characters are in different universes. The Flash managed to cross over into the other universe where he helped Supergirl to defeat Banshee and Livewire. Supergirl managed to help get Flash back into his own universe.

The Flash Facts

AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorGrant Gustin
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