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Thor - The Avengers

Thor from The Avengers played by Chris Hemsworth.

Thor is a fictional male in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Chris Hemsworth. Unlike other characters from Marvel, Thor was created long ago, over a thousand years ago to be precise. Thor was an ancient Norse God. Thor was the son of Odin which in Norse would make his full name being Thor Odinson.

Like Thor of the myths, Thor was the God of Thunder and his weapon was the Mjolnir, a powerful mace. The Mjolnir is from Norse religion and not created by Marvel. The Mjolnir can only be picked up by someone such as Thor.

The adventures take place both on Earth and in the Asgard, another planet that can be accessed a portal. Asgardians are god like and can live for thousands of years. They came to Earth and taught the Norse a way of life.

Thor's first Outing

Whilst quite a few of the Avengers are in movies for the first time such as Peter Quill, it is not the first time that Thor has appeared on screen. Thor first appeared on screen in "The Incredible Hulk Returns", a 1988 made-for-television movie. It starred Eric Kramer as Thor with Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner, the mild mannered scientist.

Thor and David Banner don't initially get on well with one another but eventually they team up. Thor has been banished and must serve out his sentance before he can return. Thor has bonded with a human who is required to serve.

The ultimate enemy is a criminal organisation that is at the place where David Banner is hiding out. The criminals want a gamma transponder which Banner believes could help him control his anger.

Thor has fought the Hulk in both versions. Thor makes David Banner transform in the eighties film and in the Avengers Assemble, the two warriors fight it out on board S.H.I.E.L.D. air transporter.

Thor Family and Relationships


Loki is the adopted brother of Thor. Odin found young Loki when he battled the ice giants. Odin thought he could take the boy in and care for him as he does for Thor. It seemed to work but later Loki would turn against Thor and become an adversary to Thor. Its not been unknown for Loki to help Thor especially when Asgard is under threat.


Odin is the leader of Norse Gods both in the Marvel and in Norse religion. He found Loki when he defeated his enemy in battle and thought he could raise him as his own. Odin is seen sometimes with an eye, he lost the eye in a hope to stop Ragnarok, the end of Times for Asgard.

Jane Foster

Jane Foster as played by Natalie Portman is the human love interest for Thor. She plays a big role for the first two films but is noticeably absent for the third film, Ragnarok, just a brief mention. It is Jane Foster coming into contact with the Dark World that forces Thor to come to her aid with help from Loki. In Endgame, there is a blink and you miss her scene when Thor travels back in time to get the reality stone that Natalie Portman appears.


Loki after learning the truth, set about usurping his brother so that he could become king. Loki framed his brother for treason and Thor was sent to Earth as a mortal. Only be proving himself of being worthy could he return to Asgard. During his time on Earth, he became friends with Doctor Jane Foster, a human female scientist.

He would be able to return to Asgard when he proves himself worthy by laying down his life for Earth in the face of an enemy sent by Loki. After becoming worthy, he is able to lift up the Mjolnir which had been discovered buried but no one could be able to lift. It also marked the first appearance of Hawkeye, The Avengers Archer.


Loki would try a second time to usurp Thor by attacking Earth causing Nick Fury to call upon all the heroes to band together to defeat Loki. Thor answers the call. Once the aliens have been defeated, Loki is placed under arrest and taken back to Asgard to answer for his crimes.

Loki would be called upon by Thor when Jane Foster opens a portal to another dimension which is controlled by Dark Elves. This time, there is no need for the Avengers, it is just Thor and Loki against the elves. Loki seemingly dies in combat but is secretly hiding as Odin on Asgard.


In Norse legend, there is an event called Ragnarok which is the destruction of Asgard. Ragnarok is covered in the films. Hela, Thor's sister is released from her prison and takes over Asgard. Thor and Loki are banished to Sataar, a planet where rubbish falls down on it from the sky. There is a city controlled by the Grandmaster.

Grandmaster has captured Bruce Banner as the Hulk and forces him to fight in an arena. The Hulk is forced to fight Thor but it ends in a draw. Thor hatches a plan with Bruce Banner, Loki and Valkyrie to escape the planet and get back to Asgard.

The group of Asgardians manage to escape the planet and return to Asgard. Knowing, they are unable to defeat Hela, Thor unleashes a monster which he fought earlier to kill Hela and destroy Asgard thus causing Ragnarok. Thor organises an escape from Asgard in a space ship whilst Asgard is destroyed.

Avengers - Infinity War / Endgame

Infinity War

The space ship that was carrying the Asgards to safety is attacked by Thanos and during the ensuing fight, Loki is apparently killed for good this time. Thor is forced to leave and is rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy who find him floating in space. Rocket pretends to be the captain of the ship.

Thor and Peter Quill don't get on well, they both have egos and try to be the bigger man. Although it might seem they might come to blows, neither of them get as far as hitting the other. After some time, they go separate ways with Thor and Rocket leaving to go to Nidavellir so that Thor can make a new weapon after his last one was destroyed by Hela.

Thor meets with Eitri who was tricked into making the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos. Thor persuades Eitri to help him make a new weapon one that he can use against Thanos. With Eitri and Rocket, he makes a new weapon, Stormbreaker, which is more axe than hammer.

Thor returns to Earth during the battle against Thanos' forces at Wakanda. Thor his new weapon weapon to hit Thanos but is not able even with the help of the Avengers in stopping Thanos from clicking his fingers. Thor is one of the lucky ones that does disintegrate.


After Carol Danvers brings Tony Stark and Nebula, Thor joins the others to track down Thanos. They locate Thanos on a deserted planet injured. Thanos reveals he has destroyed the stones to prevent them from being used to undo what he has done. In a fit of anger, Thor uses his axe to slice of Thanos's head.

After returning to Earth, Thor leaves the others as there is nothing he nor them can do.

Five years later when Scott Lang returns from the Quantum Realm, he is appalled at what has happened. As Scott was in the Quantum Realm, he was safe from the Snap, the clicking of the fingers by Thanos. Scott seeks out the Avengers and suggests they travel back in time using the technology that he has. The group seek out Thor who is now living in New Asgard.

Thor is a recluse in New Asgard, he spends most of his time drinking and playing video games with his friends. Thor has lost his physique and is now overweight. He doesn't want to get involved but is eventually persuaded too.

Thor is sent back to Asgard with Rocket to retrieve one of the stones. He can't help but steal his Mjolnir which he is very affectionate with. Thor also sees his mother one last time which he was advised not to but he couldn't resist. His mother is dead in current life. Rocket does all the work whilst Thor reminisces.

Thor is there when the people are brought back to life by Bruce Banner clicking his fingers. When Thanos turns up, Thor is ready to help in the fight.

Once Thanos is defeated, Thor believed he cannot be the new King of New Asgard and tells Valkyrie that she much take the role of Queen of Asgard instead. Thor leaves with Peter Quill to travel the stars.

Thor Facts

AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorChris Hemsworth
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