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Thorin Oakenshield - Lord of the Rings

Thorin Oakenshield is a fictional male Dwarf warrior in the Lord of the Rings film series who was played on screen by Richard Armitage.

Thorin Oakenshield in full Armor

Thorin is the king of the Dwarves during their exile from Erebor. He leads a group of dwarves as they journey to reclaim their kingdom from the dragon Smaug. He is the son of Thrain II and grandson of Thor. He only accepts Bilbo Baggins as a member of the group on the recommendation of Gandalf the wizard. It takes a while for Thorin to accept Bilbo Baggins as a member of the group, that is after the Dwarves escape from the Goblin King and his legion of goblins at the end of Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey.

In Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug, at the start, we see Thorin going to the Prancy Pony Inn in Bree where he meets Gandalf. Thorin is looking for someone who he has heard is nearby. Gandalf joins Thorin and persuades Thorin that his priority is to get Erebor back from Smaug. If Thorin can get the Arkenstone, he can claim kingship over the dwarven clans. Thorin tells Gandalf that he needs a thief, one which Gandalf says he will provide.

On screen he is played by Richard Armitage, previously known for playing Lucas North in BBC TVs 'Spooks' and Guy of Gisborne in BBC TVs 'Robin Hood', In the film, he is shrunk using computer wizardry so that he looks the height a dwarf should be.

Thorin gains the name Oakenshield after he used a oak branch as a shield in a fight with Azog, the leader of the Orcs who chases him and his fellow dwarf group members. Although in the film, this is seen at the beginning of the film, it is only mentioned in the appendices of 'Lord of the Rings'

Through his journeys and whilst in Laketown, he promises that he will use the riches from Erebor to help rebuild everything that gets destroyed by Smaug. After Smaug is killed, he and his fellow dwarves hole themselves up inside Erebor and renege on the deal he agreed. He is determined to find the Arkenstone and proclaim himself leader. The Arkenstone was in fact stolen by Bilbo Baggins and taken to Bard.

The power of the Arkenstone and the riches inside Erebor has caused Thorin to close up and break off from the rest of the world. After a bit of soul-searching inside Erebor, he leads his dwarven colleagues into battle against the Orcs, Trolls and other minions of Lord Sauron, who in the Hobbit is referred to as the Necromancer. Thorin faces off once more with Azog on top of a frozen lake where both of the fighters kill one another. The sword that Thorin used throughout the Hobbit was known as the Orcist which he found in a Troll Cave.

In the third Hobbit film, Thorin dies at the hands of Azog, in the book, Thorin dies in the battle of the five armies. He is carried off the battle field by Beorn in a bear form who then then returns to fight the Orcs led by Bolg, son of Azog. Azog is a goblin not an Orc in the books.

Thorin gets help from Dain Ironfoot at the battle of the five armies. It is said that Thorin is the more approachable of the two dwarves. Dain is a cousin of Thorins.

Thorin Oakenshield Facts

Alien RaceDwarf
AllegianceThe Dwarves of Erebor
ActorRichard Armitage
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