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Tomas Vergis

Tomas Vergis is a fictional male Human businessman in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by John Pyper-Ferguson. Tomas Vergis is the head of the Vergis Corporation. When Daniel Graystone needed a component that the Vergis Corporation had, Daniel turned to Joseph Adama to get the piece of equipment. In getting the piece, a number of Vergis employees were killed.

Tomas Vergis of the Vergis Corporation in played by John Pyper-Ferguson

The loss of the piece of technology didn't upset Tomas as much as the murder of the employees. Tomas assumed that the only person who could steal or want to steal the item was Daniel Graystone so he went after Daniel. Tomas wanted the Industries and he also wanted the Caprica City Bucaneers which Daniel owned. Tomas knew that the Buccaneers were very close to Daniels heart which is why he wanted them, to hurt Daniel. Tomas also applied for Caprican citizenship in order to compete with Daniel on military contracts.

Tomas Vergis took control of the Graystone Industries, forcing Daniel to work with Joseph Adama to gain back control of the company. Daniel and Joseph worked to persuade and bully the members of the Graystone Industry in returning control to Daniel.

When Daniel succeeded, Tomas Vergis visited Daniel Graystone to congratulate him. Tomas was a Tauron and its very important for Taurons to choose how and when they die. Tomas plunged a knife into his heart in a suicide bid with Daniel holding the knife therefore in the hope of framing Daniel. Daniel phoned Joseph who then came round and cleared up the body so there was no sign of a murder or suicide there.

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