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Tommy Lasalle - Defiance

Tommy Lasalle from Defiance played by Dewshane Williams.

Tommy Lasalle is a fictional male Human policeman in the Defiance television series who was played on screen by Dewshane Williams. Before Joshua Nolan turned up, Tommy was the main law enforcer in the city. He stepped aside and allowed Jeb to take hold of the reins which he never got over.

Before Jeb Nolan becomes Lawmaker

In The Bride Wore Black, we learn about Tommy's pasty. Before he was a lawmaker, Tommy was a hustler, betting, going from place to place. He was caught by Hunter Bell winning which Bell didn't like. Hunter Bell was a one time owner of the Need/Want bar before it turned to into a whore house. Hunter got Tommy the job of being a deputy lawmaker which he stayed ever since.

Tommy and Irisa

Tommy has a crush on Irisa which he is steadily making moves towards. Irisa isn't as interested in him but eventually Tommy wins her over. The two of them first make love but then the next episode, Irisa goes cold on him. In Past is Prologue, Irisa and Tommy are making love again but the love making stops when Irisa is affected by an ornament that Doc Yewll has in her possession.

After Jeb Nolan Returns to Defiance

When Irisa disappears, Jeb goes looking for her. Whilst Jeb is away, Tommy steps up to the task of being the lead law enforcer. However, when the Nolans return, Tommy returns back to being just a law enforcer and not the most senior one again.

Irisa hopes that she can get back to having a relationship with Tommy again. Irisa's heart sinks when Irisa sees Tommy is in a relationship with Earth Republic officer nicknamed Berlin. In My Secret Life

Tommy had been a Lawkeeper like Joshua but with their relationship getting worse over time, Tommy joins the Earth Republic as a soldier. When Tommy learns that Joshua has gone to bed with Berlin, Tommy lashes out but Joshua doesn't react, Joshua lets him have the punch for free. Painted From Memory

Tommy Lasalle Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorDewshane Williams
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