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Lieutenant Tom Paris - Star Trek - Voyager

Tom Paris from Star Trek - Voyager played by Robert Duncan McNeill.

Tom Paris is a fictional male Human in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was played on screen by Robert Duncan McNeill. Tom Paris holds the rank of Lieutenant (has been demoted temporarily) within the USS Voyager.

Tom Paris is the lead pilot on board the Voyager, both at controlling the Voyager and at controlling the Delta Flyer. In addition to flying, he has been taught first aid skills by the Doctor.

Tom Paris was a promising officer in the Starfleet Federation but he decided to throw it all away and join the Maquis. On his first mission with the Maquis, the renegade organisation that opposes the agreement between the United Space Federation and the Cardassians, Tom get caught. He is sentenced to prison on the penal colony of New Zealand. When Captain Kathryn Janeway was seeking a crew for Voyager, Kathryn offers Tom a second chance, a chance to redeem himself which he accepts.

The mission that Tom had been recruited for was to find out what happened to a Maquis ship that disappeared in a nebula. The events of the mission are detailed in the pilot (Caretaker). Tom comes face to face with some of his old colleagues in the Maquis but they try to put the past behind them and move on. During the opening episode, Paris manages to save the life Chakotay and Paris tells Chakotay that his life belongs to him but Chakotays replies back that he got the wrong group.

Tom Paris became the operations medical assistant when the Chief Medical Officer was killed. The main medical expertise was the E.M.H. Doctor but the Doctor was limited to the medical bay because he was a hologram. Tom was promoted to medical technician because he had studied Biochemistry at university. Tom said it wasn't medicine but it was good enough for Janeway.

Captain Proton

Tom is big fan of the a fictional black and white television series (Adventures of Captain Proton) which he acts out in the holodeck. During one episode of his adventures, the hologame attracts holographic aliens that believe Tom is killing their kind, it takes the Doctor to intervene on a rare away mission from his medical bay. When Tom gets back to Earth, he becomes a successful holodesk script writer and settles down with B'elanna and their daughter, see below on that.

Romancing B'elanna Torres

Tom Paris likes to see himself as a ladies man, giving Harry Kim advice on women. Tom Paris did try to romance Kes but it didn't last that long. He successfully romances B'elanna Torres and the two have a baby daughter called Miral Paris. It is Miral Paris that helps Janeway to travel back into the past and persuade the younger Janeway to use the Borg Transwarp Hub to take years off the journey.

At the start of the journey, in Parturition, Tom reveals to Harry Kim that he is interested in Kes but accepts that she is into Neelix. Later, Paris and Neelix come to blows over Neelix thinking that Paris wants to make a move on Kes. Paris is sent on an away mission with Neelix where they sort out their differences whilst on an inhospitable planet.

Tom Paris' Best and Worst Episodes


The Threshold episode is often cited as the worst or one of the worst episodes to have ever been written for all the Star Trek series. It competes with the last Enterprise episode "These are the Voyages" as being the worst episode ever.

Tom is the most skilled pilot when it comes to flying the Delta Flyer. When he tested a new fuel that would hopefully achieve Warp 10, it changed his body and he devolved to a lung fish. Tom kidnapped Kathryn where they mated and had offspring.

Chakotay led the party to find their missing colleagues and found them on a nearby planet. The offspring were left on the planet but Janeway and Paris was brought back to Voyager and changed back to their human forms. The episode Star Trek - Voyager - Threshold is often voted as one of the worst episodes in all of the Star Trek series.

Tom Paris Facts

RankLieutenant (has been demoted temporarily)
Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Voyager
SpaceshipUSS Voyager
ActorRobert Duncan McNeill
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