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Tony `Iron Man` Stark - The Avengers

Tony Stark from The Avengers played by Robert Downey Jr..

Tony Stark is a fictional male Human in the The Avengers comic series who was portrayed on screen by Robert Downey Jr.. Tony Stark is a billionnaire inventor and businessman who owns Stark Industries, a massive military and technology organisation.

In the second film, there is a cameo appearance by Larry Ellison, the real life billionnaire owner of Oracle, the second biggest software company in the world after Microsoft. In addition to Larry, Stan Lee is mistaken for Playboy magazine producer Hugh Heffner.

Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Tony has one love of his life who appears in all the movies, her name is Pepper Potts. Pepper is also his personal assistant. She is not a twenty something blonde but a more mature forties woman, age appropriate. She doesn't gain any suits like her character in the comics. She knows his secrets and sticks with him. She appears in all the films that he does.

Iron Man Creation

Whilst on a business trip to the Middle East, Tony Stark is captured and forced to build a weapon for a terrorist organisation. During his time there, his heart is damaged and the doctor who is tasked with saving his life creates a large artifical one which Tony Stark is forced to carry as a medallion.

In order to not be killed, Stark is forced to create a weapon for the terrorists. The weapon that Stark creates will go on to become Iron Man. He uses the robotic suit to escape from his captors and return to United States.

Once back in America, Tony has to deal with a colleague, Obadiah Stane trying to take over his company. Tony is able to prevent his company from being taken over. Stark is helped in his quest by Lt. Col. James Rhodes, who would later but not yet become War Machine.

At the end, once he has won back his company from Stane, Tony is visited by Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. who wants to recruit Iron Mark into the organisation.

In the comics, Tony Stark was captured by the Vietnam Cong during the Vietnam War. The story of how he came to be was updated for a new generation.

Careful who you upset on the way up

It seemed for a while that Iron Man would have to face a criminal adversary called Mandarin. When the Mandarin was finally confronted, he turned out to be nothing more than an actor who had been hired for the part.

The real adversary was Aldrich Killian, someone who had been rejected by Tony Stark earlier in his life. Aldrich had spent his life working on gaining his revenge. Aldrich was disabled but he managed to come up with a way to repair himself. In addition to repairing, he gained superhuman strength and the ability to generate heat and fire.

The Avengers


Although rebuffed at first by Tony Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D. try again with Stark. The second time, they sent in Natasha Romanoff to work undercover inside Stark Industries. It is during this time, that Rhodes becomes War Machine.

The second time he has to don his suit is when he is faced by a rogue Russian scientist, Ivan Vanko who goes by the nickname Whiplash given the whips he has on his hands.

Civil War

The Government came up with the Superhuman Registration Act which required the super heroes to register. Tony Stark was all in favour of the registration but Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America was dead against it. They had been friends for years but now the Avengers had splintered into two groups.

Mentoring Peter Parker

When Stark finds out about Peter Parker alter ego, Stark goes about mentoring him. At first, Tony wants nothing to do with Peter, wanting instead that he concentrates on his studies and leaving the dangers to the adults. Over time, Tony does allow into the Avengers and actually upgrades the web slinging powers.

It was Tony Stark who flew Peter Parker out to Liepzig in order to take part in the final battle of the Civil War. Peter Parker would make his first appearance by stealing Captain America's shield with his silk.

In addition to camoeing in the Peter Parker movies, he has made a cameo appearance in the second Hulk movie with Edward Norton playing the role of Bruce Banner. The Hulk being the only character to be played by multiple actors in the same universe. The second Hulk movie came after the first Iron Man movie.

Infinity War

When Thanos attacks, against Tony's advise, Peter gets involved and when Thanos retreats, both Spiderman and Tony get onboard one of the alien crafts and are taken into space. When Thanos uses his Infinity Gauntlet, a number of Avengers and half of the universe are wiped from existence.

When the trailer for the sequel, Endgame was released, it showed Tony Stark in space calling for help. N.A.S.A. took time out from being serious and responded to news that Tony Stark was stuck in space. Although too small to see, the original Tweet shows Thor's hammer on a desk at the front of the room.

N.A.S.A.'s humour tweet in regards to Tony Stark stranded in space.

Tony Stark Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorRobert Downey Jr.
Last UpdatedSaturday, December 15, 2018

Copyright: Marvel Comics

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