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Tory Foster

Tory Foster is a fictional female Cylon (2003) political advisor in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by Rekha Sharmar. Tory Foster becomes chief of staff for President Laura Roslin when Billy Keikeya is killed. She is a Cylon but doesn't realise it until she along with Col. Saul Tigh, Cpl. Tyrol and Samuel Anders track down the source of some music which only they can hear.

Tory Foster

Whilst all the other cylons (Tyrol, Anders and Tigh) remain loyal to the Battlestar Galactica, she swaps to the Cylons side when she gets the chance. Before she leaves for the Cylons, she kills Cally ( Battlestar ) as she Callys discovered the truth about the group.

Once Tory has found out that she's a Cylon, she comes out of her shell and starts doing things that she otherwise wouldn't have done. She tries it on with fellow Cylon Tyrol but is rebuffed and then she beds Dr. Gaius Baltar.

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