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Trance Gemini - Andromeda

Trance Gemini from Andromeda played by Laura Bertram.

Trance Gemini is a fictional female Solar Avatar in the Andromeda television series who was played on screen by Laura Bertram. Trance Gemini's origins were a mysterious until the end of the fifth series when it is revealed that she's an Avatar of the Tarn-Vedran Sun.

Trance reveals in Harper / Delete that she can regulate her body temperature to fit in with the surroundings to her liking, which is perfect when she and Rommie need to pretend the person they are rescuing is still captured.

Joining the Andromeda Crew

Unlike other members of the crew, Trance never carried a gun, she was more a medical technician in the crew. She was originally part of Beka Valentine's crew on board the Eureka Maru. When Beka had been defeated in her attempt at salvaging the Andromeda Ascendant, Captain Dylan Hunt offered all of the Eureka's crew a place in his crew and they all accepted.

Trance Gemini Best and Important Episodes

Point of the Spear

Although Trance's loyalty to Dylan Hunt is absolute. There have been times when Dylan Hunt had to call into question her loyalty when Trance was in contact with her alien kind without letting on. Dylan gave Trance a warning and nothing more came of it.

Last Call at the Broken Hammer

Trance Gemini visits a planet with Dylan, Beka and Tyr to rescue a person vital for The Commonwealth, the building they are in comes under attack. Trance races to save the life of the person they came to visit, in doing so, Trance's tail gets blown off. Trance Gemini is seen drinking alcohol and getting drunk to get over the pain and loss of her tail.


Trance's appearance changes during the second series episode Ouroboros from a purple creature to a more human looking with red hair and a reddish freckled skin. Harper has mixed up time and space which causes the Trance Gemini from the future to swap place with the current Trance. At the end of the fourth series, we learn she is an avatar of a star. At the beginning of the fifth series, she loses her memory and has to begin again.

The Dark Backward

Trance Gemini must work out a way in order to prevent Dylan Hunt from being killed. Every time that Dylan Hunt and others are killed, Trance Gemini resets the time and replays it again, hoping for a different solution. Eventually, Dylan Hunt is able to defeat the enemy and time continues forth. In the episode, Trance Gemini is set holding and talking to her bonsai tree.

Moonlight becomes her

In the episode, Trance is teleported onto Seefra-2 where she encounters Ione, a grey skinned alien who is the centrepiece of a circus. Trance falls in love with him and tries to communicate with him. Geryon, the show owner tries to interfere and prevent the two from getting together. Unfortunately, as Trance is a star and Ione is a lunar avatar, their relationship does not last.

It is the only episode in which Trance shows any romantic interest in any character. The relationship between the two avatars does not go anywhere further than a kiss. Trance tells Dylan Hunt that she doesn't want to come back but because her heart is now broken, she does return to the Andromeda Ascendant.

Although, she only shows affection towards Ione. Reccuring character, Orlund professes his love and honour towards Trance Gemini, first when she is feeling down after feeling not wanted. Orlund calls Trance his princess and will protect her. Orlund returns in Past in Prolix when Trance is about to go supernova unless Dylan can retrieve the portal crystals.

Alternate Future and Universe

The reason why the red headed Trance Gemini swapped places was because of an incident a couple of months in the future. In the future at a meeting of members of fifty Commonwealth leaders, the Andromeda Ascendant is attacked by aliens from a Parallel Universe . It didn't end well and only Trance Gemini and Rebekah Valentine survived.

Using Trance's knowledge, the crew of the Ascendant are able to change the course by doing things differently. Instead of Tyr Anasazi at weapons control, Trance took up position and destroyed a number of the ships. In the alternate future, they didn't see the wormhole which they are aware of this time round. In the present universe, Rebekah destroys the portal using the Eureka Maru. Ref: Tunnel at the end of the Light

When Dylan Hunt is transported to an alternate reality, the alternate Trance Gemini is the only one to know who Dylan really is and provides him with help. The alternate universe is controlled by Seamus Harper who assumed control when the Abyss corrupted The Commonwealth rather than destroying it. The Warmth of an Invisible Light.

Trance Gemini's Appearance and Loss of her Tail

Trance Gemini as she appeared in the first series as a purple female with a tail.

When Trance Gemini first appeared, Trance was purple skinned, blonde hair and with a tail but that all changed in the second series. The actress Laura was so attached to her tail that when someone stood on her fake tail, she acted as Trance Gemini and pretended it hurt.

Just before Ouroboros, Trance says she no longer has a tail in response to a comment from a colleague. Trance's tail wasn't just for aesthetics, Trance was able to use her tail to attack her enemies.

Avatar of Tarn Vedra Sun

Trance has powers that you'd expect of a God such as having the ability to change the outcome of the future. In one episode, the crew are killed by an alien robot. Trance journeys back in time to warn the crew to save them, she keeps failing to save them so travels back again repeatedly in a groundhog day style episode.

It was revealed that Trance Gemini was in fact the living avatar of the Tarn Vedra sun which had been designed to defeat the Abyss. At the beginning of the fifth series when all the characters had been split up, Trance Gemini is found in a Solar state and with memory loss of what had happened.

Trance Gemini's name comes in part from the constellation of the twins, Gemini. As for first name probably because she can put you into a trance like status. If you watch the last episodes, you will see that Trance is one of many twins. Trance had many sisters who all looked like her. Her leader Maura was different, she was more human like.

At the end of the final series, Trance's fellow aliens turn up to take her home after combating the Abyss for the last time. Her old look is below with her new latest look above. In the final episodes, we see other Suns who all look like her except Maura who it is implied is the leader of Trance's kind.

God-Like Powers

Trance Gemini has godly powers, she has the ability to alter time and repeat it so that a better outcome can happen. In the episode 'The Dark Backward', the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are repeatedly killed by an unknown assailant. Trance Gemini is able to roll back time and change the course of what happened.

When the entire crew of the Andromeda Ascendant gave escaped, Trance Gemini pilots the Andromeda Ascendant and is able to destroy the Magog Worldship once and for all in the very last episode of the fourth series.

Trance Gemini Facts

Alien RaceSolar Avatar
AllegianceThe Commonwealth
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorLaura Bertram
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have see her last time , i dont now her but shes great , know anyone about this character?? shes gorgious....
Im A Fan
I'm A Fan of the series Andromeda And some of what you wrote about Laura Bertram's role as Trance is not all completely true
In I think Nietzschean Secession Trance Gemini reveals to Dylan Hunt that her race is the Avatar of Suns. She is the avatar the Vedran sun.
I have to say i only watched Andromeda to see Trance Gemini! I love this charakter and how it was played by Laura Bertram! I know a film-charakter says not much about the charakter of an actor, but acting as Trance, in this very different ways, was all over the seasons, one of the greatest actor performances i have ever seen. I think no one who is not an actor, can understand how hard it is to play the same charakter in different ways. So i can only say Laura Bertram is at least a very pretty girl and sure a great actor, i´m only sad that i will never have the chance to know here private. But so i can still hope she is a little bit like Trance Gemini! To find an end, if i had a free wish, i would wish to have a girlfriend like Trance!
EvyTuesday, 7th August 2018 3:27:28 AM
I loved what Gene Roddenberry wife did w/his notes after his death...the entire crew was well played and I enjoyed every episode...Trance was great with the knowledge that she knew, but no else knew...Tyr loved that Nietzschean thought process...Beka didn't take any merde.... Hamilton always up regardless no matter what...Andromeda Ascendant she played both parts with panche....Capt Hunt loyal to a fault never gave up the honor...sidebar my sister and I met Kevin Sorbo years ago in New Orleans very nice gentleman Thanks to all for 5 great seasons...
J D'Amelio
I loved the character Trance Gemini in the hit series Andromeda. I loved the different transformations in the differet seasons of the show. Still she is the same Trance (changes alot of her appearances) was great.; including the make-up and the costumes. I truly enjoyed Trance Gemini and because she is my most favorite character. Trance Gemini the Avatar of the Sun, the Greatest Friend & Companion to Captain Dyan Hunt and the Andromeda's crew.
majid khan
i love trance music......
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