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Tri-Jema - Andromeda

Tri-Jema from Andromeda played by Carmen Moore.

Tri-Jema is a fictional female in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by Carmen Moore. Tri-Jema is a senior politician in the Systems Commonwealth. The Systems Commonwealth was falling apart in part because of Tyr Anasazi's actions in the previous series.

Tri-Jema was first introduced in the first episode of the fourth series. Tri-Jema had been kidnapped by Paroo, a collector who was in league with the Spirit of the Abyss, the spiritual leader of the Magog. Dylan Hunt had to rescue from the asteroid and return her to Tarazed, the capital of the Systems Commonwealth.

Tri-Jema appears in Pieces of Eight to warn Dylan that a person called Citizen Eight is trying to undermine and replace Tri-Jema as a senior member of The Commonwealth. Tri-Jema sents Dylan to investigate the threat to see if it legitimate.

Tri-Jema Facts

ActorCarmen Moore

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