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Turin from Killjoys played by Patrick Garrow.

Turin is a fictional male in the Killjoys television series who was portrayed on screen by Patrick Garrow. Turin is the leader of the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition who assigns the missions to the Killjoys. He provides a link between the Company that controls the Quad and the Killjoys who are the bounty hunters in the series. He doesn't get on well with the Killjoys at the centre of the series. He wants to find out about the Level 6 project just as much as the other members do and find out what Khlyen has to do with it.

He was believed to have been killed by Khylen when he was last seen at the end of the first series being taken away by Khlyen. Khlyen had intervened to protect Dutch which he thought Turin was going to kill her. When he turned up at the beginning of the second series, D'avin wanted to kill him but his life was spared.

Killjoys only operate on legitimate warrants but because Turin wants to know more about the Level 6, he asks the Killjoys to do a extra-judicial mission to investigate Level 6, Red 17 and Khylen.

Turin Facts

AllegianceThe Killjoys
ActorPatrick Garrow

Copyright: Syfy

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