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Lieutenant Commander Tuvok - Star Trek - Voyager

Tuvok from Star Trek - Voyager played by Tim Russ.

Tuvok is a fictional male Vulcan in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was portrayed on screen by Tim Russ. Tuvok holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the USS Voyager.

Tuvok is a commission officer with Starfleet Federation who before the Voyager series has begun has been inserted into the Maquis. When the Maquis ship that Tuvok had infiltrated disappeared within the Badlands, Captain Kathryn Janeway is assigned to find out what has happened to the Maquis. Tuvok is the only Vulcan who is dark-skinned in the main canon.

Once both the Voyager and the Maquis crew have escaped from the Caretaker, it is then that Tuvok reveals his identity and takes his place back onboard the Voyager. Despite him being a traitor to the Maquis, he is not the subject of any revenge attacks and is admired by everyone.

The Virus

When both Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay are infected by a virus, the two senior members of the crew maroon themselves on an hospitable planet. Tuvok is promoted to Captain of the USS Voyager and continue on their way.

Tuvok training would tell him to carry on without the senior members but he is persuaded to contact the Vidiians for a cure. Eventually Tuvok agrees to the request from the other members of the crew and contact the Vidiians. Danara Pel, the Vidiian that they the crew had befriended gives Voyager the cure for the disease. Kathryn and Chakotay resume their duties.


A transporter malfunction has caused the bodies of both Neelix and Tuvok to be merged and become Tuvix. The crew especially Janeway is confronted with a dilemma when it is revealed that the Tuvix can be separated back into two people. Initially Tuvix doesn't want to be split but is eventually persuaded otherwise and Tuvix becomes two people again.

Tuvok Facts

RankLieutenant Commander
Alien RaceVulcan
AllegianceThe USS Voyager
SpaceshipUSS Voyager
ActorTim Russ

Copyright: Paramount

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