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Uncle Sid Barry - Andromeda

Uncle Sid Barry from Andromeda played by John de Lancie.

Uncle Sid Barry is a fictional male Human gangster in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by John de Lancie. Uncle Sid Barry is a close personal friend of Beka Valentine's father Ignatius Valentine. Sid and Ignatius were close business partners, actually more like criminals specialising in Flash, a drug that made people react fast. According to Sid, it was Sid who would look after Rebekah and her brother as Ignatius was unable to. The two partners would eventually separated.

Uncle Sid's Best Episodes

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Sid Barry appeared in two episodes of the Andromeda series, first appearing in the eleventh episode of the first episode. In the first, Uncle Sid lures Beka on her own to a planet where he is now known as Sam Profitt and owner of TransGalactic. It is a ruse in order to get something from Rebekah.

Ciu Bono

He returns to Andromeda in the fourth episode of the third series. Uncle Sid Barry is now a candidate for election to Second Triumvir in the New Commonwealth. The crew are surprised when they see Sid Barry as the person they are required to protect. The crew fail to protect and he is knocked unconscious. Rebekah investigates into the case and discovers that Sid actually faked his murder attempt as a ruse for the election.

John de Lancie

The actor who plays Sid Barry, a.k.a. John de Lancie is better remembered as being the malevolent Q from the Star Trek : Next Generation series. Q is a omnipotent character who had god-like powers that would tease, help and inhibit the various crews of Starfleet. Q once offered Captain Kathryn Janeway the opportunity to get home in return for not providing sanctuary for another Omnipotent. Kathryn took the high horse and provided the other Q with asylum.

Uncle Sid Barry Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorJohn de Lancie

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