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Watto - Star Wars

Watto from Star Wars played by Andrew Secombe.

Watto is a fictional male Toydarian slave trader in the Star Wars film series who was played on screen by Andrew Secombe. Watto is a Toydarian trader who owns Anakin and his mother Shmi Skywalker. Watto refuses to sell and give up either of them. Qui-Gon does a deal with Watto that if Anakin wins a pod-race, he agrees to give the slave and his mother to the Jedi knights. When Anakin wins the race, only Anakin is released and Shmi must stay behind

As a Toydarian, Watto is immune to the effects of Jedi mind control tricks that Qui-Gon Jinn tries to use on him to release Anakin. Watto as someone who is always after making money agrees to give Qui-Gon Anakin Skywalker if Anakin wins a Pod-race which Anakins does.

He makes a brief appearance in 'Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones' when Anakin and Padme Amidala visit Tatooine to get Anakins Mother Shmi released. Shmi Skywalker had been sold on.

Watto Facts

Alien RaceToydarian
ActorAndrew Secombe
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

Copyright: Lucasfilm

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