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Ensign Wesley Crusher - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Wesley Crusher from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by Will Wheaton.

Wesley Crusher is a fictional male Human in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was played on screen by Will Wheaton. Wesley Crusher holds the rank of Ensign within the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D.

Wesley Crusher is the youngest member of the Enterprise crew and the only child of the lead characters. Although he's not one of the main characters, he plays an important role in a number of episodes such as in The Dauphin.

Wil Wheaton is also know for playing the role of Alexander Rook in the Dark Matter television series. Alexander Rook is in charge of Dwarf Star Technologies, a corporation that is behind the creation of one of the fugitive characters.

Wesley Crusher's Family

Wesley Crusher is the teenage son of Doctor Bev Crusher and Jack Crusher. Bev Crusher is a main character in the series, however, Jack Crusher died long before the series started. Wesley does get to meet and interact with a holographic representaton of his father. Wesley was only five years old when Jack died so he didn't get to know his father that well.

At the start, Picard is not happy with having Wesley Crusher on board the Enterprise but over time, he gets used to it and enjoys the company of Wesley. After his involvement in getting the Enterprise back from another galaxy in "Where no one has gone before", Picard enlists Wesley as an acting Ensign and allows him to sit on the bridge.

Picard and Jack Crusher were close friends but when it seemed that Picard was getting to close to Beverley, Jean-Luc backed away. Picard and Jack served together on board the Stargrazer when an accident occurred causing the death of Jack Crusher. Beverley and Picards relationship changed from that moment on.

Wesley's Relationships

The Dauphin

In the second series, the Enterprise is asked to transport Salia who is believed to be able to bring warring factions to peace. Salia is guarded by an overprotective companion Anya. Wesley takes an instant like to Salia and it is reciprocated. Anya disapproves of the friendship and does everything in her power to bring the relationship to an end.

Unbeknown to Wesley, Salia is a creature that can adopt a number of different physical appearances. Salia keeps her true form from Wesley until the very end which greatly upsets Wesley. Wesley feels betrayed and felt that the two could have a reasonable relationship but one they couldn't really.

The term Dauphin is a French word which referred to a heir to the King of France before the Revolution. Britannica

Wesley's Best and Worst Episodes


Captain Jean-Luc Picard sends Wesley as part of a group to evaluate the life on Rubicon III as Picard needed a youngster's view of the planet. Due to an unfortunate accident, he breaks a greenhouse and is sentenced to death. Captain Picard has to weigh up his responsibilities to the crew and the Prime Directive to not to interfere in other cultures. Wesley is saved by Picard and is able to return to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D.

Pen Pals

Wesley gets to experience what it is like to lead a team. He selects a team but when the team start making their own decisions, he has to step up to the challenge and enforce his views. Wesley orders the team to carry out the investigation and they subsequently carry out the operation and discover what is wrong with the planet. The team devises a plan to resolve the situation.

Also in the episode, Lt. Data disregards Captain Picards orders and communicates with a young inhabitent of the planet. Communicating with life forms that are not as advanced breaks the Prime Directive.

Wesley Crusher Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
ActorWill Wheaton
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