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Wexler - Dark Matter

Wexler from Dark Matter played by Ennis Esmer.

Wexler is a fictional male in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Ennis Esmer. Wexler is the leader of a group of mercenaries that Delaney Truffault hired to work with the crew of the Raza. The two groups were to break into a space station and steal a device and then take it to Mikkei Combine base for testing. The device caused the destruction of the planet and with it the lives of thousands of people.

Wexler got a bit too friendly with Portia Lin who reacted by hurting Wexler resulting in him not being able to do the job that he had been tasked to. Wexler was supposed to be the safe cracker so they could get into the final room containing the device. As Wexler was unable to take part, Emily Kolburn stepped in instead to break into the safe.

When the two teams managed to retrieve the item, Wexler and his team betrayed the others. Wexler threatened to release Portia Lin out into space if the code to getting the device wasn't given. Once Wexler had the device, Wexler still released Portia Lin out into space.

Portia sabotaged the Raza forcing one of Wexlers men to go out into space. When the mercenary was out in space, Portia killed the crew member and got back onto Raza. Portia set about rescuing the crew and killing off the other members of Wexlers crew. Portia got her own back and released Wexler out into space. Portia had managed to survive space because of nanites, tiny robots that helped her breathe out in space.

Although it seemed that Wexler was dead, he returned in the second series when the Raza crew travel to an Parallel Universe where Wexler and the crew were still alive. When the Raza returned to their normal universe, Wexler and a couple of alternate members, Portia and Marcus Boone came to.

Wexler would return to guest appear in the third series.

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ActorEnnis Esmer
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