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Grand Nagus Zek - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Zek from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Wallace Shawn.

Zek is a fictional male Ferengi in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Wallace Shawn. Zek holds the rank of Grand Nagus.

Grand Nagus Zek is the supreme leader of the Ferengi who is an occasional visitor to the Deep Space 9 station. He is very old but still going strong.

Zek has a high regard for Quark given his location close to the wormhole. When Zek wants to open up lines of communication with races in the Gamma Quadrant, Zek turns to Quark to get things done. When Zek finds out that the person who helped Quark is a Ferengi Female, he is unimpressed.

Zek is persuaded by Quark and Rom's mother to rewrite the Rules of Acquisition to allow women to make money and wear clothes. Allowing women to wear clothes and make money makes sense as they will then be able to trade and everyone is able to make money.

At the end of The Dominion War, Zek announces that he wishes to retire and in a bad quality message announces that Quark is his successor. It is only when Zek arrives on the station that the truth is revealed, Rom is actually the new successor. What You Leave Behind

Zek's Important Episodes

The Nagus

The episode marked the first appearance of the Grand Nagus in the series. Zek visit Quark to announce that he has chosen Quark to become the Grand Nagus. It shocks everyone including Zek's own son. Unfortunately for Quark, it was just a trick to see if Zek's son was capable to becoming the new Grand Nagus but he had failed.

Prophet Motive

Grand Nagus Zek visits Quark and Rom on the station and announces that he has rewritten all of the Rules of Acquisition. The Rules are like holy writing to the Ferengi. Instead of everyone for themselves, the rules are to tell Ferengi to care and share.

Quark and Rom investigate when Doctor Julian Bashir announces there is nothing physically wrong with him. Further investigation leads them to discover that the Womhole prophets are behind Zek's personality change. Quark manages to persuade the Prophets to return Zek back to how he used to be.

The Emperors New Clothes

In the final series, Zek visits the alternate universe. He believes he can open up new trades routes for his people. Zek is unaware of just how bad the Alternate Universe really is.

Zek is kidnapped and Ezri Dax from the Alternate travels to the normal universe and tells Quark that Zek will only be released in exchange for a cloaking device. Quark and Zek steal a cloaking device from General Martok's ship and take it to the other universe.

Zek Facts

RankGrand Nagus
Alien RaceFerengi
ActorWallace Shawn
Last UpdatedSunday, August 11, 2019

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