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Pearl Cluster

Pearl Cluster is a cluster object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 5500 LY light years away in the constellation of Centaurus.

The Cluster's location is 11h 36.1 (R.A.) and -61` 37 (Dec.). .

The Image is copyright E.S.A.. If the picture isn't false colour, you can see there is a mix of red and blue stars, old and new plus what might be Blue Stragglers, Blue Stragglers are old stars but have fed off other stars so they give the appearance that they are new stars which they aren't. Blue Stragglers occur in star clusters so not inconceivable that they are Blue Stragglers. The cluster is located in the southern hemisphere so bad luck people in the northern hemisphere.

Fact File

NamePearl Cluster
Right Ascension11h 36.1
Declination-61` 37
Distance (Lt.Yr)5500 LY

Pearl Cluster Cluster in Centaurus

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