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Pleiades, the Seven Sisters (M45

Pleiades, the Seven Sisters is an open cluster object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 0.39-0.46 kilo light years away in the constellation of Taurus. It is referred to as M(45) when it was catalogued by Charles Messier in 18th - 19th Century France. Pleiades, the Seven Sisters was discovered in 1000 Years B.C. by Hesiod. The Open Cluster's location is 03:47.0 (R.A.) and +24:07 (Dec.). Its Visual Brightness is a 1.6 Magnitude and has an apparent magnitude of 2 with an apparent dimension of 111.0 .

The Pleiades are a star cluster that can be found in the constellation of Taurus. They are one of the most well known star clusters that we know about. Another star cluster also in the constellation of Taurus is the Hyades. It is naked eye visible, although you won't probably be able to see it clearly. It was first observed by the Grecian astronomer Hesiod 1000 Years B.C.

The Pleiades are said to be the seven daughters of the Greek God, Atlas who were transformed into stars to comfort him as he held up the stars and galaxies in place within the universe. The seven daughters are in no particular order, Asterope I, Asterope II, Taygeta, Maia, Celaeno, Electra, Alcyone, Merope, Pleione and the father Atlas.

They are amongst the youngest stars in the galaxy. If you travelled back into the past to the time of the dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals, you wouldn't see them because they weren't created back then.

Image showing the location of the Pleiades Star Cluster in Taurus

Fact File

NamePleiades, the Seven Sisters
TypeOpen Cluster
Messier Id45
TypeOpen Cluster
Right Ascension03:47.0
Distance (Lt.Yr)0.39-0.46 kilo
Visual Brightness1.6
Apparent Dimension111.0
Apparent Magnitude2
Year of Discovery1000 Years B.C.

Pleiades, the Seven Sisters (M45 Open Cluster in Taurus