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Westerlund - 2

Westerlund - 2 is a star cluster object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 20,000 light years away in the constellation of Carina.

The Star Cluster's location is 10:24:6.50 (R.A.) and -57:45:48.42 (Dec.). .

Westerlund 2 star nursery lies in a star forming area known as Gum-2 that is located in the constellation of Carina. The nebula contains some of the hottest, brightest and heaviest (most massive) stars being formed and is only about 2 million years old. Hubble

The cluster can be located not very far from the star V399 Carinae. The cluster is thought to contain a number of wolf-rayet stars but they are now believed to be runaway stars. Wiki

Fact File

NameWesterlund - 2
TypeStar Cluster
Right Ascension10:24:6.50
Distance (Lt.Yr)20,000
CoprightN.A.S.A. Hubblesite

Westerlund - 2 Star Cluster in Carina

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