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Comet Kohoutek

Comet Kohoutek is a comet, a celestial body that travels in from the far reaches of the cosmos that when it gets closer to the sun begins to burn away and produce a long tail. It is composed mainly of ice and dust. Its orbit takes 6.24 years to travel round the Sun.

The absolute magnitude of the object is 12.1 which is the brightness of the object. A higher absolute magnitude means that the object is faint whereas a very low number means it is very bright.

The closest the Comet came to its orbitting target was 1973-12-28 at which point it was 1.571 A.U. distance away.The Semi-Major Axis of the orbit is 3.4, which is the furthest point from the centre to the edge of an elliptical point.

The orbital inclination, the angle at which Comet Kohoutek orbits in relation to the orbital plane is 5.4 degrees. The orbital eccentricity is 0.537, it is the degree at which Comet Kohoutek orbits close to a circular (0) orbit as opposed to an elliptical (1) orbit.

Comet Kohoutek Facts

Orbital Period6.24
Absolute Magnitude12.1
Perihelion Distance1.571
Semi-Major Axis3.4
Orbital Inclination5.4
Orbital Eccentricity0.537

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