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Aquarius Constellation

Aquarius (Pronounciation:Ack-where-e-us, Abbrev:Aqr, Latin:Aquarii) is a constellation, one of 88 constellations that the night sky is divided into. The sky is not divided up equally between the constellations. Aquarius takes up 979.854 sq. degrees of the night sky which equates to 2.38% of the night sky. The constellation gets its name as it name means The Water Carrier . The constellation is one of the original constellations that was devised by the Ancient Greco-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy who lived between 90 A.D. and 168 A.D.

Aquarius is a member constellation of the Zodiac grouping, a group of 12 star signs that astrologers use to predict someones future based on their date of birth and which constellation appeared when the Sun set. The Zodiac year may be divided up equally between the twelve signs but when they appear in the night sky no longer conforms to the Zodiac calendar. Aquarius is an equatorial constellation that can be seen by countries nearest the Equator. The brightest star in Aquarius is Sadalsuud. There are 15 Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) detailed on this site.

Legend of Aquarius

Zeus took a liking to Ganymede, the son of Tros who built Troy. He instructed the boy to become his water bearer. The job had previously been done by Hebe, the daughter of Hera. Hera was angered at the relationship between Zeus and Ganymede that she let it be known. In revenge that Zeus glorified Ganymede by turning him into the constellation.

Meteor Showers

There are 28 Meteor Showers that occur during the year within this constellation based on information gathered from Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland). The ones listed as the ones I've been able to find a date range for. For others if you have the time, you can visit the AMU site, obtains the SL value then use IMO tables to calculate the date. A lot of the Meteor Showers are weak and you need to do a lot of stargazing to spot them.

NameActivityPeak ActivityClosest Star
Eta AquaridsApril 21-May 12May 5/6Hydria
Tau Aquariids27 Jun- 6 Jul28-JunTau1 Aquarii
Southern Delta AquariidsJul 12 - Aug 19 Jul 28Skat
Southern Iota AquaridsJuly 1-September 18Aug. 6/7Iota Aquarii
Northern Delta AquaridsJuly 16-Sepember 10Aug. 13/14Skat
Northern Iota AquaridsAug 11-Sep 10Aug. 25/26Iota Aquarii
Gamma AquaridsSeptember 1-14Sept. 7/8

Aquarius Facts

Is a Zodiac Sign Yes
Brightest StarSadalsuud
Area979.854 sq. deg.
Percentage of Night Sky2.38%
Size Position10th
Hemisphere Equatorial
Site Exoplanet Count15
Meteor Shower Count28
Bordering / Neighbouring / Surrounding ConstellationsPegasus
Piscis Austrinus

Aquarius Constellation Map

Aquarius Constellation Star Map

The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson.

List of Named Stars in Aquarius

StarDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
98 Aquarii163.41-20d06`01.223h 22m 58.30
Albali207.75-09d29`44.520h 47m 40.53
Ancha187.45-07d46`59.722h 16m 49.97
Chi Aquarii613.09-07d43`35.323h 16m 50.95
DV Aquarii284.36-14d28`59.120h 58m 41.87
Ekchusis385.08-07d34`46.822h 52m 36.86
EW Aquarii409.24-14d28`20.621h 11m 41.31
Gliese 88449.43-16d50`42.423h 32m 49.19
Gliese 89826.80-22d31`28.223h 00m 16.69
Hydria167.87-00d07`02.522h 35m 21.33
Iota Aquarii175.17-13d52`10.322h 06m 26.21
IZ Aquarii901.00+01d49`45.121h 34m 42.76
LP Aquarii688.11-05d06`06.622h 42m 05.99
Mu Aquarii157.26-08d58`59.720h 52m 39.21
Nu Aquarii159.34-11d22`18.021h 09m 35.59
Omega1 Aquarii142.18-14d13`19.423h 39m 47.04
Omega2 Aquarii148.53-14d32`41.123h 42m 43.28
Omicron Aquarii435.47-02d09`19.222h 03m 18.83
Phi Aquarii202.08-06d02`54.723h 14m 19.33
Pi Aquarii782.17+01d22`38.622h 25m 16.61
Psi1 Aquarii149.82-09d05`15.723h 15m 53.28
Psi2 Aquarii401.68-09d10`57.023h 17m 54.20
Psi³ Aquarii261.56-09d36`38.623h 18m 57.65
R Aquarii1181.75-15d17`03.923h 43m 49.44
Rho Aquarii881.52-07d49`16.022h 20m 11.91
Sadachbia163.74-01d23`14.522h 21m 39.30
Sadalmelik523.54-00d19`11.422h 05m 47.03
Sadalsuud537.34-05d34`16.221h 31m 33.52
Sigma Aquarii289.67-10d40`40.422h 30m 38.82
Situla213.88-04d13`39.922h 37m 45.42
Skat160.59-15d49`14.722h 54m 39.04
Sneden's Star-16 d 39`2622h 17m 1.5
Tau1 Aquarii317.59-14d03`23.122h 47m 42.75
Tau2 Aquarii317.59-13d35`33.122h 49m 35.51
Trappist-139.30-05 d 02` 28.523h 06m 29.28
Upsilon Aquarii73.98-20d42`28.322h 34m 41.50
Xi Aquarii178.62-07d51`14.921h 37m 45.04
Zeta Aquarii91.88-00d01`12.222h 28m 49.80

Objects of Interest (Galaxies, Nebulas, Supernovas, etc) in Aquarius

NameTypeDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
M2 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster33-00:4921h 33m 5
M72 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster53.40-55.74-12:3220h 53m 5
M73 System of 4 StarsSystem of 4 Stars~2.5-12:3820h 58m 9

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