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Ophiuchus Constellation

Ophiuchus (Pronounciation:Off-you-cuss, Abbrev:Oph, Latin:Ophiuchi) is a constellation, one of 88 constellations that the night sky is divided into. The sky is not divided up equally between the constellations. Ophiuchus takes up 948.34 sq. degrees of the night sky which equates to 2.3% of the night sky. The constellation gets its name as it name means The Serpent Holder . The constellation is one of the original constellations that was devised by the Ancient Greco-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy who lived between 90 A.D. and 168 A.D.

Ophiuchus is an equatorial constellation that can be seen by countries nearest the Equator. The brightest star in Ophiuchus is Rasalhague. There are 12 Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) detailed on this site.

To some people, Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac because the sun sets in this constellation during the year. Most astrologers will discount Ophiuchus but there are some that do recognise and produce horoscopes for this constellation. If you`re born at the end of November or beginning of December, its likely your real star sign will be Ophiuchus and will explain why your horoscope forecast is always wrong. As Ophiuchus is inserted, other constellations will move too. For more information, have a look at my other Ophiuchus page.

Legend of the Constellation

Whilst Apollo was away, Coronis was unfaithful to him and bore a son Asclepius with Ischys. When Apollo found out, he killed his wife and removed the baby. The baby Asclepius was given to the Centaur Chiron who taught him medicine. He was able to raise people from the dead which angered Hades. The Underworld God, Hades asked Zeus to put an end to this and Asclepius was struck down by a thunderbolt. Asclepius created his medicines from the poisons of plants and snakes. After death, Asclepius became the constellation Ophiuchus. This constellation is sometimes referred to as the thirteenth star sign, the one that Astrologers ignore.

There are no major meteor showers that radiate from within this constellation.

Ophiuchus Facts

Is a Zodiac Sign No
Brightest StarRasalhague
Area948.34 sq. deg.
Percentage of Night Sky2.3%
Size Position11th
Hemisphere Equatorial
Site Exoplanet Count12
Meteor Shower Count12
Bordering / Neighbouring / Surrounding ConstellationsHercules

Ophiuchus Constellation Map

Ophiuchus Constellation Star Map

The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson.

List of Named Stars in Ophiuchus

StarDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
Barnard`s Star5.95+04d40`05.817h 57m 48.97
Cebalrai81.85+04d34`00.917h 43m 28.38
Chi Ophiuchi525.22-18d27`22.316h 27m 01.44
Gamma Ophiuchi102.79+02d42`26.917h 47m 53.57
Gliese 67325.12+02d06`51.517h 25m 45.57
Gliese 67853.30-01d03`45.017h 30m 23.87
Han366.06-10d34`01.716h 37m 09.53
Iota Ophiuchi245.24+10d09`55.616h 54m 00.50
Kappa Ophiuchi91.46+09d22`30.216h 57m 40.27
Marfik173.12+01d59`02.816h 30m 54.84
Mu Ophiuchi755.01-08d07`07.417h 37m 50.72
Omega Ophiuchi168.65-21d27`59.316h 32m 08.19
Omicron Ophiuchi294.90-24d17`12.817h 18m 00.72
Omicron Ophiuchi B320.40-24d17`02.717h 18m 00.64
Phi Ophiuchi243.59-16d36`45.516h 31m 08.39
Psi Ophiuchi199.49-20d02`14.016h 24m 06.20
Ras Alhague48.59+12d33`38.117h 34m 56.00
Rho Ophiuchi361.20-23d26`49.616h 25m 35.12
Sabik88.37-15d43`30.517h 10m 22.66
Sigma Ophiuchi901.00+04d08`25.217h 26m 30.88
Sinistra150.72-09d46`24.117h 59m 01.60
Tau Ophiuchi167.43-08d10`48.918h 03m 04.91
Theta Ophiuchi436.05-24d59`58.217h 22m 00.58
U Ophiuchi653.63+01d12`38.117h 16m 31.72
Upsilon Ophiuchi133.56-08d22`18.116h 27m 48.23
V1010 Ophiuchi241.60-15d40`04.816h 49m 27.67
V2052 Ophiuchi1359.01+00d40`13.317h 56m 18.40
V2114 Ophiuchi665.64+08d26`31.717h 27m 44.07
V2126 Ophiuchi441.36+00d37`46.218h 00m 15.66
V2213 Ophiuchi67.40+00d42`12.117h 05m 16.83
V2368 Ophiuchi716.84+02d11`10.517h 16m 14.25
V2388 Ophiuchi271.80+11d07`51.417h 54m 14.21
V2392 Ophiuchi772.90+02d22`39.318h 16m 05.58
V2393 Ophiuchi1822.14+08d16`05.818h 33m 23.30
V2542 Ophiuchi249.93-01d36`43.616h 54m 10.60
V986 Ophiuchi+01 d 55`08.418h 04m 37.36
X Ophiuchi+08d50`02.618h 38m 21.13
Xi Ophiuchi56.61-21d06`44.817h 21m 00.21
Y Ophiuchi3433.30-06d08`36.817h 52m 38.70
Yed Posterior106.45-04d41`33.416h 18m 19.24
Yed Prior171.12-03d41`38.316h 14m 20.77

Objects of Interest (Galaxies, Nebulas, Supernovas, etc) in Ophiuchus

NameTypeDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
M10 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster14.3-04:0616h 57m 1
M107 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster20.9-13:0416h 32m 5
M12 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster15.7-01:5716h 47m 2
M14 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster30.3-03:1517h 37m 6
M19 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster28.7-26:1617h 02m 6
M62 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster22.2-30:0717h 01m 2
M9 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster25.8-18:3117h 19m 2

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