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Sagitta Constellation

Sagitta (Pronounciation:Sadge-e-tar, Abbrev:Sge, Latin:Sagittae) is a constellation, one of 88 constellations that the night sky is divided into. The sky is not divided up equally between the constellations. Sagitta takes up 79.932 sq. degrees of the night sky which equates to 0.19% of the night sky. The constellation gets its name as it name means The Arrow . The constellation is one of the original constellations that was devised by the Ancient Greco-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy who lived between 90 A.D. and 168 A.D.

Sagitta is not a member of the Zodiac group of twelve constellations that appear when the Sun sets. Sagitta is a northern hemispheric constellation which means it can't be seen easily or at all from the southern hemisphere.

The brightest star in Sagitta is Gamma Sagittae. There are 1 Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) in this constellation that are detailed on this site.

Sagitta was an arrow that Hercules fired to kill the Stymphalian Birds, his sixth labour.

There are no major meteor showers that radiate from within this constellation.

Sagitta Facts

Is a Zodiac Sign No
Brightest StarGamma Sagittae
Area79.932 sq. deg.
Percentage of Night Sky0.19%
Size Position86th
Hemisphere Northern
Site Exoplanet Count1
Meteor Shower Count0
Bordering / Neighbouring / Surrounding ConstellationsVulpecula

Sagitta Constellation Map

Sagitta Constellation Star Map

The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson.

List of Stars with Exoplanets in Sagitta

StarDistance (Lt. Yrs.)Exoplanet CountDeclinationRight Ascension
HD 231701386.451+16d 28` 27.319h 32m 04.12

List of Named Stars in Sagitta without Extrasolar Planets

As there's so many stars in the cosmos, not all the stars are listed here. The site has lots of stars not listed so if your star isn't listed and you know the Henry Draper or Hipparcos ID, type https://www.universeguide.com/star/ then followed by the HIPNNNNNN or HDNNNN where NNNNN is the number part of the name. The stars that I do list have either a traditional name, a bayer or other classification name.

StarDistance (Lt. Yrs.)DeclinationRight Ascension
1 Sagittae299.51+21d 13` 55.619h 15m 17.34
11 Sagittae455.54+16d 47` 20.819h 57m 45.44
13 Sagittae1019.26+17d 30` 59.520h 00m 03.31
15 Sagittae57.95+17d 04` 16.220h 04m 06.47
18 Sagittae331.47+21d 35` 55.520h 16m 19.78
2 Sagittae365.65+16d 56` 15.919h 24m 22.08
3 Sagittae396.31+16d 57` 25.419h 24m 45.39
9 Sagittae+18d 40` 18.819h 52m 21.77
Beta Sagittae439.57+17d 28` 34.019h 41m 02.93
Delta Sagittae594.10+18d 32` 03.319h 47m 23.27
Epsilon Sagittae480.36+16d 27` 46.019h 37m 17.38
Eta Sagittae160.36+19d 59` 27.220h 05m 09.47
Gamma Sagittae258.45+19d 29` 31.519h 58m 45.39
S Sagittae3294.58+16d 38` 05.319h 56m 01.26
Sham425.25+18d 00` 50.219h 40m 05.78
Theta Sagittae147.59+20d 54` 53.220h 09m 56.61
U Sagittae782.17+19d 36` 37.719h 18m 48.41
V338 Sagittae791.66+16d 50` 47.219h 12m 34.45
V340 Sagittae4128.65+16d 34` 16.119h 39m 25.34
V344 Sagittae1583.32+16d 39` 51.720h 08m 06.50
Zeta Sagittae255.01+19d 08` 31.119h 48m 58.65

Objects of Interest (Galaxies, Nebulas, Supernovas, etc) in Sagitta

NameTypeDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
M71 Globular ClusterGlobular Cluster13+18:4719h 53m 8

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