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Ursa Major Constellation

Ursa Major (Pronounciation:Ur-sar May-jore, Abbrev:UMa, Latin:Ursae Majoris) is a constellation, one of 88 constellations that the night sky is divided into. The sky is not divided up equally between the constellations. Ursa Major takes up 1279.66 sq. degrees of the night sky which equates to 3.1% of the night sky. The constellation gets its name as it name means The Big Bear . The constellation is one of the original constellations that was devised by the Ancient Greco-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy who lived between 90 A.D. and 168 A.D.

Ursa Major is a northern hemispheric constellation which means it can't be seen easily or at all from the southern hemisphere. The brightest star in Ursa Major is Alioth. There are 12 Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) detailed on this site.

Legend of the Constellation

Zeus had a son (Arcas) with Callisto. In a fit of rage, Hera turned Callisto into a bear. When Arcas nearly killed his mother as he didn`t know who she was, Zeus turned Arcas into a bear Ursa Minor and sent them to the stars.

There are no major meteor showers that radiate from within this constellation.

Ursa Major Facts

NameUrsa Major
Is a Zodiac Sign No
Brightest StarAlioth
Area1279.66 sq. deg.
Percentage of Night Sky3.1%
Size Position3rd
Hemisphere Northern
Site Exoplanet Count12
Meteor Shower Count26
Bordering / Neighbouring / Surrounding ConstellationsDraco
Leo Minor
Coma Berenices
Canes Venatici

Ursa Major Constellation Map

Ursa Major Constellation Star Map

The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson.

List of Named Stars in Ursa Major

StarDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
Al Kaphrah183.65+47d46`45.611h 46m 03.13
Alcor81.72+54d59`16.813h 25m 13.42
Alioth82.55+55d57`35.412h 54m 01.63
Alkaid103.94+49d18`47.913h 47m 32.55
Alula Australis+31 d 31 ` 50.811h 18m 11.24
Alula Borealis399.22+33d05`39.311h 18m 28.76
CG Ursae Majoris751.53+56d41`57.309h 21m 43.30
CO Ursae Majoris381.92+36d18`34.011h 09m 19.11
CQ Ursae Majoris297.05+57d12`27.213h 40m 21.44
Dubhe122.90+61d45`04.011h 03m 43.84
EE Ursae Majoris851.60+46d39`26.911h 30m 24.83
EN Ursae Majoris402.17+68d44`51.810h 21m 03.43
EP Ursae Majoris362.81+67d12`37.011h 09m 39.92
ET Ursae Majoris339.40+65d33`59.310h 24m 07.86
EZ Ursae Majoris1186.05+63d56`27.709h 25m 44.19
Groombridge 183029.65+37d43`58.111h 52m 55.82
Lalande 211858.31+35d58`53.311h 03m 20.61
Megrez80.51+57d01`57.412h 15m 25.45
Merak79.75+56d22`56.411h 01m 50.39
Mizar85.81+54d55`31.513h 23m 55.42
Muscida179.11+60d43`06.408h 30m 16.03
Omega Ursae Majoris246.35+43d11`24.110h 53m 58.71
Phecda83.18+53d41`41.011h 53m 49.74
Phi Ursae Majoris508.84+54d03`51.409h 52m 06.36
Psi Ursae Majoris144.51+44d29`54.811h 09m 39.86
R Ursae Majoris1353.37+68d46`32.910h 44m 38.54
Rho Ursae Majoris314.53+67d37`46.509h 02m 32.73
Sarir43.96+51d40`43.009h 32m 52.33
Sigma Ursae Majoris521.03+66d52`24.009h 08m 23.53
Sigma2 Ursae Majoris66.47+67d08`03.309h 10m 23.53
T Ursae Majoris4077.04+59d29`13.012h 36m 23.48
Talitha47.32+48d02`32.508h 59m 12.84
Talitha Australis358.42+47d09`24.009h 03m 37.56
Tania Australis230.34+41d29`58.010h 22m 19.80
Tania Borealis137.51+42d54`52.110h 17m 05.93
Tau Ursae Majoris126.32+63d30`49.609h 10m 54.93
U Ursae Majoris2131.79+59d59`07.910h 15m 07.65
Upsilon Ursae Majoris116.24+59d02`20.809h 50m 59.69
VY Ursae Majoris1240.16+67d24`41.010h 45m 04.02
W Ursae Majoris174.23+55d57`09.309h 43m 45.45

Objects of Interest (Galaxies, Nebulas, Supernovas, etc) in Ursa Major

NameTypeDistanceDeclinationRight Ascension
Bodes GalaxySpiral Galaxy11.400-12.200+69:0409h 55m 6
Cigar GalaxyIrregular Galaxy10.700-12.300+69:41`09h 55m 8
M102 Spiral Galaxy ( Maybe 101 )Spiral Galaxy ( Maybe 101 )40000+55:4615h 06m 5
M108 Spiral GalaxySpiral Galaxy46000+55:4011h 11m 5
M109 Spiral GalaxySpiral Galaxy59.500-107.500+53:2311h 57m 6
NGC2787 Lenticular GalaxyLenticular Galaxy24+69:1209h 19h 18m 5
NGC3982 Intermediate Spiral GalazyIntermediate Spiral Galazy68+55:7.3111h 56m 28
Owl NebulaPlanetary Nebula2.03+55:0111h 14m 8
Pinwheel GalaxySpiral Galaxy19.100-22.400+54:2114h 03m 2
Winnecke 4 Double StarDouble Star0.51+58:0512h 22m 4

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