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Universe Guide contains information relating to space and the Universe both factual ( e.g. aliens, constellations, eclipses, end of the universe, End of the World, living in space,Oort Cloud, Ophiuchus, Pioneers, planets ) and fictional ( e.g. Ethiopian Princess" Andromeda, Babylon Five, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Doctor Who, Farscape, Red Dwarf, Space 1999, Space Above and Beyond, Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Star Wars and V ). Fantasy is limited to adventures on far off planets ( e.g. Azeroth, Krull ) or alternate Earths ( Merlin, Sliders). Whilst Harry Potter could be considered an alternate universe, I have decided to omit it here. The purpose of this site in the factual section is to give people a brief insight into what's out there in the universe or as someone refer to , the Multiverse (The Multiverse is where people believe that our universe is one of an infinite number of universes.). Pictures that have been used in this website have been sourced from various sites, they've all been from free sites ( e.g. NASA.GOV ) including the picture above. copyrighted pictures are respectively acknowledged.

Information has been gained from reliable sources, if you believe the information is incorrect about an aspect of the Universe then please let me know by sending an email to ug at UniverseGuide dot com. If you're going to be using this information in course work for school or University, it is recommended that you find additional sites to source from as well, a place that is internationally recognised such as N.A.S.A. or E.S.A.. If I've accidentally breached copyright in some way then please contact me using the email address John at Universeguide dot com, stating where. To continue, please click on the title above. This website was put together by me, John as a learning tool for PHP then ASP.NET and has grown and grown. It aims to encompass as much about the Universe as possible from both entertainment and the fictional view such as what you see in Star Trek for example. Information has been sourced from the Internet and references given where possible. All copyrighted material is recognised where possible. Its a free site and I make no money from it.

Copyright and Disclaimer

The design and layout of the website has been designed by me ( N. John Whitworth ), the contents of everything has been sourced from the Internet or is my own work. There has been no attempt to infringe any copyright ownership. Pictures of characters, space ships and planets that have been sourced from the Internet and it is my belief that they are public domain photos which anyone can use. If I have made the mistake that they are not and you are the copyright owner then please send me an email detailing which pictures to CopyrightMatters at UniverseGuide dot com and I will deal with this post haste....

Information about Space Phenomenas and Pioneers have been researched on the Internet and where I can I have included Sources as Related Links. If you believe I have got a piece of information is wrong then please let me know at CopyrightMatters at UniverseGuide dot com.

It should not be inferred that this site is endorsed by N.A.S.A. or (AAO) Anglo-Australian Observatory due to that I have included pictures from their libraries. The links in the paragraph point you to their copyright notices. I have sought and obtained the necessary permission from AAO.

If you have been defamed by comments on this website which I hope will never be the situation then I will remove the offending comment immediately and would hope you accept an apology. Comments are checked regularly and any email using offensive words are not displayed on screen....

All trademarks are respectfully acknowledged ( Alien, Predator, Star Wars, LucasArt, -> 20th Century Fox )( Star Trek, -> Paramount )( V, Babylon Five WarnerBros )( Farscape, Henson ) ( Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Blakes Seven, BBC tv )( Andromeda, Stargate -> Tribune)(Battlestar Galactica -> Universal )

All other franchises are copyright of their respective owners.

Linking to me

If you have a site that is on space either factual or fictional then I'll gladly swap links with you. I have three link pages, one for factual links , one for Entertainment links and finally for unrelated links. I won't like to pornographic or other adult themed websites so don't ask. You can link immediately to my website, you don't need to ask. Linking is allowed at page, you may not link/hot-link to any pictures including the header at the top of the page as you will receive a different picture to the one you was hoping for. If you want me to link to yours, send me an email to "link" at my website address including title, description, return link on your site and any pictures.

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If you think any part of this website is wrong or that could be improved then I would welcome anything you might have to say. Anything that is offensive will be discarded and sent to the recycle bin and cleared. Add your comments to the form below and I will read and respond accordingly.

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