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To comply with European legislation, we have put a banner at the bottom of every page letting you know that our site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that allow websites to store information. They can be placed there by the website you are looking at (e.g. Universe Guide) or be placed by a third party site (e.g. Google). A lot of websites will have this configuration because so many use Google Analytics for audience reporting.

You will need to accept us using cookies for the banner to disappear.  The banner will appear on every page until you accept, you only need to accept it once for the whole site.  When you accept, another cookie will be created so that the banner doesn't appear.  Cookies only exist for a website specified length of time and the cookie that is used to hide the banner will need to be renewed after five years or until you remove it.  A cookie in Firefox will not apply in Chrome or IE and vice versa.  Although I may just mention Firefox, IE and Chrome, cookies also work in other browsers, (e.g. Safari and Opera).   The cookies we use are explained below.

Universe GuideASP.NET_SessionIdThis is a session only cookie that ASP.NET sites create. The cookie will only last for the time you are looking at the website. You can read more on the Microsoft site but be warned, it can be pretty technical to read.
Universe GuideCookieAllowedUsed to signify that you accept that we use cookies and have no objections to them.
Google__utma, __utmb, __utmb, __utmzThis is used by Google so it can generate analytics for the site.

How to disable cookies.

Disabling cookies is possible in various browsers, which there are easy to follow guides for Firefox and Chrome available, other browers you'll need to look up.For disabling on IE, the steps are straightforward enough, the link is primarily for IE8 on Vista but much of it also applies to IE on Windows 7 and 8. If you do decide to block cookies, blocking 1st party ones can lead to unexpected consequences esp. where the sites are written in ASP.NET, if you can, always allow the ASP.NET_SessionId.

Disabling Google Analytics and AddThis

For this site only, if you don't want me to use Google Analytics or display AddThis, click on the following Link and neither will appear until you clear our your cookie cache or use a different browser.

AddThis is a set of tools that allow users to share page links with a variety of websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc without the user having to do any of the hard stuff. If you want to disable only Analytics and not Addthis, click Link.

Analytics is a tool that websites use to track users on a website to provide SEO information for the company or site. Disabling either Addthis or Google will create a browser based cookie to store your preference.

Comments and Questions

There's no register feature and no need to give an email address if you don't need to. All messages will be reviewed before being displayed. Comments may be merged or altered slightly such as if an email address is given in the main body of the comment.

You can decline to give a name which if that is the case, the comment will be attributed to a random star. A name is preferred even if its a random made up one by yourself.

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