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Andromeda was the name of a television series that was broadcast at the beginning of the 21st Century and ran for five series, (2000-5). Although the Andromeda television series is credited as being a Gene Roddenberry production, Gene passed away in 1991. Gene Roddenberry is more famous for creating the Star Trek - The Original Series series. Gene's wife Majel is the principle producer of the series. The television series was designed by Gene before his death however it was only after his death that production actually began on the series.

The premise is that planets of three galaxies have formed the 'Systems Commonwealth' to maintain order and security. When a colony of Neitzscheans were being attacked by the Magog , the Commonwealth did not provide enough help which resulted in many deaths, the Neitzscheans decided to take revenge and destroy the Commonwealth. During the break-up of the Commonwealth, the starship Andromeda Ascendant is involved in an incident which renders everyone frozen in time near the event horizon of a black hole.

300 years later, a salvage crew of the Eureka Maru manage to pull the Andromeda out of the Event Horizon and unfreeze the crew. The only remaining crew member of the Ascendant is Dylan Hunt who was in a fight with Gaheris Rhade, a senior member of the crew who betrayed the commonwealth. Captain Dylan Hunt stayed onboard whilst everyone else evacuated.

When the Dylan Hunt regains consciousness, he discovers that the galaxies are now in a state of turmoil. The original crew of the Andromeda has either died or was able to escape before it got stuck in the event horizon the Black Hole. In addition to Dylan Hunt is the ships computer hologram, Rommie.

After defeating the salvage crew, Dylan offers the crew of the Eureka to join him which they accept. The ship had its own persona known as Rommie and appeared in three forms, on screen, as a hologram and as a robot, all played by the same actress. The human robot form of Rommie was built by Seamus Harper after joining. At the end of the fourth series, Lexa Doig, who played Rommie had to leave the series so they blew her up in the last episode. In the next series, Harper had replaced the love of his life with a new android (Doyle) but Rommie would later return.


The series featured a number of non-human like aliens. The prominent were Trance Gemini at first known as the Purple Princess then changed to a Red-head. Trance Gemini had a tail, a rarity in science fiction aliens but the tail would disappear over time.

The second prominent race were the Magog, they were rat like carnivores that would hatch their larvae in animals which would then eat the hosts from the inside out. The crew of the Ascendant had a Magog who managed to control his urges. The Magog characters name was Rev Bem who would eventually depart because the costume was too tiresome for the actor to carry on wearing.

Fifth Series

There were five series in total, with the fifth series being different from the others. Whereas in the first four series, the Andromeda flew from planet to planet sorting out matters of galactic importance, in the fifth, they were stuck on a planet called Seefra. They could not slipstream their way away from the planet. Planets were all connected via a slipstream, a wormhole between planets. Seefra, later to be identified as Tarn-Vedra, where Dylan was born, which had cut itself off from other planets. They reached the planet by going through the Route of Ages when they attempted to escape the 'Magog Worldship'. There have been no films produced in connection with the films yet.

The Villans

As with every series, you need a villain, Andromeda was no exception, its enemies were the Neitzscheans and the Magog World Ship, a series of planetoids connected to one another and controlled by a mysterious energy being known as the Abyss.

Although the Neitzscheans were one of the principle enemies, two Nietzscheans served as members of the crew (Telemachus Rhade and Tyr Anasazi) but not at the same time. In the first series, the crew had a Magog (Rev Bem) who was the crew's spiritual character. Rev Bems character was written out because the actor who played the Magog developed an allergy to the make-up so couldn't wear it anymore. Rev would later appear in the odd episode but wouldn't return to the full time cast.

How the Series Ended

The series was brought to an end after five series with a complete ending, not an ending which was a cliff-hanging. The crew of the Andromeda Ascendang came up against the Spirit of the Abyss. In the fifth series, the crew of the Ascendant were stuck on a group of planets known as Seefra. The crew would face off against Maura, a Solar Avatar that had been corrupted by the Abyss. Once the Abyss was dead, they were then about to travel through a slipstream portal and leave the Seefra Solar System. The final episode was Heart of the Journey.

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One of my favourites so far! I love this show! Pitty they didn't make the Nietzscheans more intellectuals, as they claimed to be themselves. It would've been more interesting to see them with art or science in their lives, not only with war. What if most of them had been like Rhade or Tyr? Even if bad? Bad guys with art in their lives. It would've been more interesting.
Hello, Gene Roddenberry created Andromeda. Not his relitive!
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