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Stargate Atlantis is the first spin-off series of the Stargate SG1 franchise. The regular SG1 team discover a Stargate portal in Antarctica and send a team through the portal investigate. What they find when they reach the other end is a city underwater which they realise is the fabled city of Atlantis. Atlantis was according to Grecian Legend, a city that fell under water.

The team is headed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir and militarily, the lead is Major John Sheppard after their first military leader, Colonel Marshall Sumner is killed in the first series. Marshall is played by Robert Patrick who first came to the worlds attention when he played T-1000 in the early nineties film. Terminator 2, Judgment Day.

Whilst the regular team had to deal with the Goa-ulds, the team in the Atlantis had to deal with the Wraith. The Wraith are a hybrid alien race, part humanoid and part insectoid who feed on human energy life, quite comically at times. All the aliens need to do is to touch their food and they draw the power off off them.

In this new galaxy, they make both enemies and friends. One of the leaders of a faction that they make enemies of is led by a character played by Colm Meaney, better remember for playing Chief Miles O`Brien in the Star Trek franchise, primarily in Deep Space Nine, the one set onboard the space station. Characters from the regular SG-1 series made guest appearances in the show. Both Colonel Jack O`Neill and the Egyptianologist Daniel Jacksonappeared in the pilot episode with Daniel begging to go on the journey but being turned down by Jack.

Two aliens that join the Atlantis team is Ronon Dex, a Satedan and the female Teyla Emmagan from the planet of Athos. When the Atlantis team return to the milky way, both decide to come with the team.

The planet is a water world and Atlantis is the only settlement on the island. The planet is located in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy which is one of two galaxies in the Pegasus, the Winged Horse constellation. Although the name of the actual galaxy is never explicitly said, there are a few clues to it. In one episode, Major General Hank Landry describes the galaxy as being 3 million light years away from the Milky Way. The other galaxy, is nearer than that so the Dwarf Irregular is widely recognised as being the one. Choosing the Andromeda Galaxy as the location meant the writers didn`t give it much thought.

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Where is Dex? Ronon Dex played by Jason Momoa that is. And somehow, I find Weir a little mean.
Oh, I see! Ronon is like a replacement for Aiden Ford, who got infected with some kind of drug by a Wraith that made him go nuts and violent. Ronon is a rebel with a Wraith transmitter in his back, who was tortured and released to become a fugitive hunted by the Wraith. Untill these guys, looking for Ford, found him.
I hate the fact that now Carson Beckett is dead. They wanted to take Paul McGillion, the actor, out of the show. Bad idea!
I love watching Stargate- Atlantis. It is something that could be believeable!!! I wish I could join them. Being able to walk thru a Stargate and go to other worlds would be fantastic. I would love riding on a spaceship like they use. That would be neat also!! I know it is all make believe but a person can dream can't they??