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The Avengers

The Avengers are a group of comic book heroes that are bought together to fight one enemy that is too big for any of them to fight individually. Nick Fury is responsible for the creation of the group, he appeared in cameos in each of the films to recruit them. Nick Fury first appeared in the first Iron Man movie.

In the first Avengers film, the enemy is Loki who is the brother of the Norse God Thor. Other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents called up by Nick to defend the Earth include Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Steve 'Captain America' Rogers and Tony 'Iron Man' stark.

Neither Black Widow or Hawkeye have appeared in their own movies yet but have been bit part characters in others, (Hawkeye appeared in Thor for example.)

In the first Avengers film, senior agent Phil Coulson is killed but his character is brought back to life for the television series to carry on the fight against whatever is threatening Earth or its people. Nick Fury, the supreme head of S.H.I.E.L.D. makes guest appearances in the series, for example when in an early episode, the agents damage their aircraft, Nick turns up to give Coulson a dresurrecting down.

The most notable missing Marvel action hero in the Avengers was Spiderman until the Civil War movie. He had appeared in a number of standalone films due to the fact that Spiderman movies were produced by Sony and Avengers are produced by Disney. An agreement was made between the two that would allow Sony to continue to produce Spiderman movies and be canon with the rest of the Avengers universe. Characters that are connected to Spiderman can't feature Spiderman so where Venom had featured in an earlier film, Spiderman couldn't appear in the standalone Venom movie.

The line-up of the Avengers doesn't follow precisely as the comics did. Whilst a lot of the characters from comic Avengers are there, the notable one missing is Wasp who gave the group its name. The Wasp character appeared in the second Ant-Man movie.



Loki is the first antagonist for the Avengers when he launches an all out attack on Earth with the help from some alien friends. Loki is the Norse God of Mischief and is the adopted half brother of Thor, the God of Thunder.


Ultron is a secret technological project by Stark Industries who develops a mind of his own. Ultron set about creating the next Mass Extinction by lifting up Sokovia City and then smashing it down into the empty space. The effect of smashing the city down would create an effect similar to the meteor smash that wiped out the dinosaurs.


When Thanos, the Mad Titan finally makes a move on Earth, the Avengers are wholely ill prepared for the assault. Thanos wants the remaining Infinity Stones so that he can wipe out half the universes population. One of the last remaining stones is in the forehead of Vision.

Civil War

The Avengers would splinter into two groups caused by the Superhero Recognition Act. Whilst Tony Stark was all in favour of the Act, Steve Rogers opposed it. The other avengers took sides. The groups would eventually work out their differences and group back as one. The Civil War marked the first appearance of Peter Parker in the Avenger series of films.

Justice League

The other major comic book publisher D.C. Comics has an equivalent team known as the Justice League which includes Hal Jordan a.k.a. The Green Lantern, Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman and Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman. Although the Avenger movies came out before the Justice League movies, the Justice League organisation was created in the comics before the Avengers.

Whilst the Avengers were a success, it wasn't the same for the Justice League, they failed to make as much of a success as their Avenger counterparts. The two Justice League films failed to stupid plot lines and mis-castings. One example of a stupid plot was the fight between Batman and Superman was brought to an end by simply mentioning Martha which was the name of their respective mothers.

List of Avengers

This is a list of the Avengers from the film that are covered on this site. As yet, I've not added for example, Scarlet Witch.

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