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Battlestar Galactica Caprica

Battlestar Galactica Caprica

After the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series finished, they decided to go back in time for a prequel. The series is named after where most of the storyline takes place, the planet Caprica. The story starts with a terrorist attack on a train containing the daughters of Daniel Graystone (Zoe Graystone), a wealthy businessman and Joseph Adama (Tamara Adama), a lawyer with links to very unsavoury characters. Josephs' brother Sam Adama is an enforcer for a criminal organisation and is not afraid to kill people. This marked a more adult phase of the franchise, they weren't afraid to flash the flesh which they continued in The Plan.

After the daughters have died, Daniel discovers that his daughter and that of Sam's have put their consciousness into a Virtual world, Daniel sets about building Cylons so that one day his daughter will appear before her again and his family will be whole.

Religion and Terrorism

What started the series is a terrorist attack by a fanatical terrorist organisation called Soldiers of the One. The name comes from the fact that the believers believe that there is only one god and not many which is what the majority of the twelve colonies believe it. The leader of the sect is Sister Clarice Willow who managed to manipulate the mind of Ben Stark into carrying out her orders. Through the series, we see Sister Clarice manipulating events whilst being the head of a school where she gets to implant her thoughts on her pupils. Clarice tries to manipulate Lacy Rand who should've been on the train but had decided not to go at the last moment. At the end of the first series, we see Sister Willow manipulating and ultimately planting the seeds for the Cylons want for destroying the human race.

The Cylons

The series contradicts what was done in the previous series, in the mini-series, the Cylons are portrayed as being humans in metallic suits, a nod to the original series. In this series, the Cylons are as advanced as they are in the original series. We only get to see a humanoid or as Col. Saul Tigh calls them, Skin-Jobs at the end when we finally see the recreation of Daniels daughter as a Cylon.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality plays a major part in this series. People are able to put on sunglasses like objects and immerse themselves in another world. Daniel uses the Virual Reality device to visit his daughters soul in the virtual world. Tamara's character in the virtual world gets caught up in a virtual criminal world where she struggles to escape. Crime and sexual relationships are carefree in the virtual world. You can shoot, beat up and even conduct human sacrifice in the holodeck virtual world as described in the Caprica - Pilot when Lacy takes Daniel through the Virtual World to meet his daughter.

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