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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

In addition to being an astronomical term, Dark Matter is a television series that debuted in 2015 from the producers of Stargate SG1. Unlike Stargate which was based on a film, this series is based on a comic published by Dark Horse, not Marvel or D.C. The premise is simple, six people are woken up from sleep with no recollection of who they are and what they are doing on the space ship. They must come work out in addition to who they are, what their purpose is and handle it as best they can.

Waking up on the Raza

When they first wake up, they are assigned numbers in order of which they woke up. In addition to the humans on board, there is a female robot known as Android who provides a link between them and the space ship. When the Android is woken up, she tries to kill everyone but is soon deactivated by Portia Lin. At the end of the first episode, the character discover who they are and why they were on the shp in the first place, to kill the inhabitants of a small mining outpost. Unlike other sci-fi series and franchises such as Star Wars, this one has quite a few more main character females with Four being amongst the main cast in the second series. It definitely passes the Bechdel Test.

Alternate Universe

In season two, they take their sci-fi credentials a little bit further with the Raza jumping into an alternative / parallel universe within the Multiverse. Dead characters from the past episodes come back and Two has a change of clothing. In the parallel universe, there is no Emily Kolburn and so their memories aren't wiped. Dead characters from the past series such as Wexler, Tash and Jace Corso all turn up in the alternate universe.

The alternate universe is marred by an all out war between the corporations which has now occurred in our universe. Ryo Tetsuda, once a member of the Raza and now Emperor of Zairon has blown up the EOS-7 space station and now started a corporations war.

Compared to other Series

There are no aliens in this series despite going to planets across the galaxy which might have led its downfall. There are aliens mentioned in the comic synopsis. There was a point at which the series was cancelled but they've decided to renew that and its sister series Killjoys for another series in 2017.

There are a number of similarities between this and Farscape of the late nineties and early part of this century. If you look at the characters, Four is very similar to Dominar Rygel XVI when you realise that they've both been deposed from their respective leaderships. One is similar to Captain Ka Dargo in that they've both been accused of murdering their wives. Android is similar to Pilot in the way that they both control their respective ships. Two is only similar to Aeryn Sun in that they are both lead female characters in the series.

A number of actors from the Stargate Atlantis series has made a few appearances most notably the actors who played Doctor Rodney McKay and Doctor Elizabeth Weir. Rodney plays a character who offers the Raza jobs. Elizabeth is one of the leaders of the corporations who sides and helps out the Raza.

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