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Defiance is a joint production between the Syfy Channel and Trion Worlds, a games company. Trion are behind the fantasy MMO Rift., The storyline is that the Votans, a group of alien races have arrived on Earth looking for a new home. When negotiations between Earth and the Votans break down, the Votans attack and force their way onto the planet. The aliens terraform the planet so that it is more hospitable for them and settle down.

There are no adventures in space, anyone going above a certain height on the planet is affected by radiation so all adventures are on the ground or in the mines owned by Rafe McCawley. The adventures are set in St. Louis chosen presumably because of the arch that rises high above the City.

Mad Max with its apocalyptic outlook is a huge influence on this series. The world has changed, high-rise buildings, the technology has gone backwards in many respects. The second amendment no longer applies as when Eddie, an old friend of Jeb Nolan comes to visit, Jeb removes and confiscates Eddie's gun.

The lead character is Joshua Nolan, a human survivalist. Joshua is more commonly referred to as Jeb. After the war had come to an end, he returns to his home town of St. Louis where he becomes a law keeper, keeping the peace between humans and Votans. Whilst he was away, he rescued and subsequently adopted an Irathient teenager called Irisa. In the pilot episode. Jeb is instrumental in helping the city defend themselves against a hostile attack so much so that Mayor Amanda Rosewater makes him the chief law enforcer for the city.

Before Jeb arrived in Defiance, law keeping had been the responsibility of Tommy Lasalle who moves to become Jebs deputy.

The series was to last three years before Syfy decided to end the series. Linda Hamilton of Sarah Connor from Terminator appeared as a special guest in a few of the episodes in the third series.

Alien Races of Defiance

The Votans are as previously mentioned are a group of different alien races where they are all different from one another.


Very similar in look to humans, they have very pale skin and yellow eyes. They have a caste system where higher caste families are treated with much more respect than lower. This does not prevent lower from marrying a higher caste. The Tarr family (Datak, Stahmar and Alak Tarr feature prominently in the series. Datak is a businessman who seeks power for himself. He runs for and is elected the new mayor of Defiance at the end of the first series.


White and bald humanoids who are the most technologically advanced of all the races.


Nearly similar to humans with their looks, with bright coloured hair and face markings. The most prominent is Irisa, the adopted daughter of Jeb Nolan.


Despite what their name looks like to humans, they are far from having their own liberty. This race of humanoids have long yellow hair and subservient to all other races. In The Bride Wore Black, when Jared, the Liberatta who works at Need/Want is killed, we learn that Liberattas unlike the other races breathe Nitrogen compared to Oxygen like humans.


The Omec are not introduced until the third series. The Omec are the most feared of all the races, they feed on the other races for food. The Omec are purple in colour with a some lines of yellow. The men are bald whereas the women have white hair. When they feed, their mouths grow large and their teeth become large.


Most different from humans, they look more like Orang-utans than humans with their facial hair.

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